New Panel to Examine the Effect of Medical Tourism on Healthcare Services

New York, NY, July 14, 2007 --( New Medical Horizons Inc. is setting up a panel of experts and industry professionals to look into the effect of medical tourism on healthcare infrastructure. With a high level of media interest and involvement in the recent growth of the medical tourism industry, New Medical Horizons Inc. wants to ensure stability and long term prospects for all those with a stake in this business.

Therefore, they are looking at ways and means to set up a think tank of noted industry experts, including professionals in the healthcare and insurance sectors and academicians doing research into the effects of medical tourism on various sectors, countries and economies.

"Interest in medical tourism has been rising not only among individual consumers but also among insurance companies and businesses", says Dr Milica Bookman, Professor of Economics at St. Joseph's University, and author of the book ' Medical Tourism in Developing Countries'. "We are therefore entering a whole new phase of medical tourism, one in which individual western patients will not be the only consumers of medical tourism in developing countries. Their employers, insurance companies and governments will also be part of the equation."

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