Executive Coach Writes New Book on Successful Control Freak Bosses

Executive coach and author, Gail Nielsen, of The Move Mountains Group, is co-authoring a new book on the subject of "control freak bosses."

Strathroy, Canada, July 14, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Executive coach and author, Gail Nielsen (http://www.extraordinarymoves.com), is currently conducting research for a new book she is co-authoring on the subject of control freaks in management. Nielsen is the founder and principal coach of The Move Mountains Group (http://www.extraordinarymoves.com), an executive coaching and consulting company located outside of London, Ontario.

This book is the second in The Control Freak's Guide™ Series and will be entitled "The Control Freak's Guide™ to Mindful Management." The first book in the series, co-authored with professional life coach, Gail Barker, (http://www.stellarcc.com), "The Control Freak's Guide™ to Living Lightly" (http://www.controlfreakseries.com) was released last June and has garnered stellar endorsements from Fortune 500 coaches and best-selling authors, including Dr. Robert Anthony (http://www.drrobertanthony.com), best known as one of the inspirers of "The Secret (http://www.thesecret.tv).

Nielsen is currently conducting interviews with executives who have either been or experienced control freak bosses in the workplace. Nielsen states: "So many people have stories to share about how they deal with control freak managers, or how they manage their own control freak tendencies. We want to hear both sides of the experience because our books guide people on how to 'let go' and enjoy life, no matter what their situation."

Nielsen's company specializes in coaching executives "from states of stress to relaxed lives of profound meaning and fulfillment." In return for executives' interview time, The Move Mountains Group (http://www.extraordinarymoves.com) is offering a free month of executive coaching to all interviewees.

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