Holds On-Line Auction are holding an on line number plate auction. This is a great opportunity for someone to pick up a great bargain or two -

South Staffordshire, United Kingdom, July 16, 2007 --( DVLA recognised private number plate dealer, are holding their own on-line auction for car registration numbers. These number plates are really desirable and especially being the older type that have the letters and numbers, rather than the modern types that have a more organised look to them. These number plates will really add a celebrity feel to any type of car.

These number plates are offered to anyone who wishes to bid on the car registration numbers. The whole process is easy to get involved in, and unlike the DVLA auctions, there is no travelling expenses to different parts of the country and the possibility of being disappointed at the end of the auction by coming away empty handed. Like many people do every time there is a number plate auction.

Most of the personalised car number plates are suitable for many people regardless of name or profession, these can easily be integrated into making a vehicle personal to the driver, either through the letters, numbers or with the right name or business both, then the value is really enhanced and the number plate becomes an asset.

The number plates currently on the auction are as follows:

Lot 102 - E10 OTT - Reserve = £3,000 - £3,200 bid so far, E10 OTT

Lot 103 - 3 WG - Reserve = £10,000 - £0 bid so far, 3 WG

Lot 104 - 320 CHU - Reserve = £500 - £0 bid so far, 320 CHU

Lot 105 - VOO 382 - Reserve = £400 - £0 bid so far, VOO 382

Lot 106 - RG 7777 - Reserve = £7000 - £0 bid so far, RG 7777

For auction details:

As with any auction, the starting bid is the the reserve price, which is indicated with each private number plate offered in the number plate auction.

About: Personally Your Registrations are market leaders for internet sales for Number Plates. have millions of private number plates available on a massive state of the art search system, prices for private number plates start from only £199 and go up to £500,000 for cherished number plates. Once the buyer has chosen and secured the private number plate, they can then be supplied as actual number plates.

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