Life-Saving Surgery Performed by Dr. Krakovsky Restores Health, Confidence and Self-Esteem of a Man

San Diego, CA, November 27, 2012 --( Dr. Krakovsky of Penile Cosmetic Surgery Center in California has successfully removed penile silicone implant that caused discomfort, pain and embarrassment.

In his post-surgical video testimonial, George opens up about the pain and embarrassment after the botched penile enlargement surgery. Even though George changed his mind about the initial operation, the surgery proceeded because of anesthesiologist not understanding George’s request to wait – “I believe the anesthesiologist did not understand English clearly, even though I repeated a few times. I was actually going to change my mind on the implant, but before I knew it, I was already out. I woke up and it was all over. Immediately, I did not like it. In the room when I was recuperating, there was no natural look whatsoever. It looked deformed, appeared to be partially erect.”

Within three months, the situation worsened. The pressure of the implant interfered with urinating and ejaculation. The penis got so deformed and looked so unnatural that the George’s girlfriend was turned off by the look of it. At this point George was starting to feel that he was causing nerve damage. Unfortunately, George joined the thousands of men who have experienced an outmoded or failed phalloplasty surgery from the surgeons who had never completed proper cosmetic phalloplasty education and training. He decided to remove the implant with the help of Dr. Krakovsky. “I did not feel comfortable returning to the surgeon that performed the operation, afraid that he may rush through the implant removal surgery. I got in contact with Dr. Krakovsky. He is very kind and considerate.”

One of Dr. Krakovsky’s specialties is the reconstruction of penile enlargement surgeries. When an unhappy situation, like George’s occurs, reconstruction surgery provides a way back toward normalcy. After removing the implant, George felt like a man again – “I feel natural. I feel good. I will be back to finish it [the triple augmentation surgery] up for sure.”

Dr. Krakovsky is a world renowned surgeon, educator, and inventor in Aesthetic, Plastic and Cosmetic procedures and holds medical licenses in both United States and United Arab Emirates. Dr. Krakovsky’s medical practice is focused on performing male and female aesthetic/plastic/cosmetic procedures and surgeries, and educating physicians around the world. Dr. Krakovsky is a recipient of many prestigious awards, including:

· One of the 100 Best Cosmetic Surgeons of the Millennium in 2005.
· One of the 100 Best Cosmetic Surgeons in the World in 2008.
· In both 2009 and 2010, he was awarded a certificate of recognition as one of America’s Most Compassionate Doctors.
· In 2010, he also received the Patients’ Choice Award and was selected as one of California’s Favorite Physicians.
· In 2011, Dr. Krakovsky received the Leading Health Professionals in the World award.
· In 2012 he was elected to the Hall of Fame for Distinguished Accomplishments in Plastic Surgery. Later that same year, he was named Medical Education Man of the Year.

Today, Dr. Krakovsky’s medical practice is focused on male genital aesthetic plastic/cosmetic surgery. This includes multiple penile augmentation procedures (lengthening, girth enhancement and glanular enhancement) performed with AlloDerm®, BellaDerm® and Dermal Graft from patient’s body. Dr. Krakovsky holds three US patents for cosmetic phalloplasty surgeries and practically developed this field of medicine and surgery in the US and in the world, including the Penile Dual Augmentation™ and Penile Triple Augmentation™ surgical methods. Penile triple augmentation surgery is the most popular phalloplasty surgery technique used by phalloplasty surgeons today!

Dr. Krakovsky also performs difficult penile enlargement reconstruction and hidden penis reconstruction. Supplemental cosmetic surgical procedures include pubic and breast liposuction, thigh and buttocks liposculpture, scrotal web resection and circumcision, tummy tuck and buttocks lift. Dr. Krakovsky can be contacted by calling 619-876-2222 or by visiting
Penile Cosmetic Ctr.
Jeffrey Thomas