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Toronto, Canada, July 21, 2007 --( With the recent popularity of documentaries on the subject of ‘China Rising’, it is no secret that China, in both trade and voice, is becoming a super power on the world stage, a power that will have the attention of the entire world thrust upon them as they host the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. While an economic powerhouse, China is also a linguistic power with millions of people around the world learning how to speak Mandarin and Cantonese in order to keep up with the fast paced growth being experienced overseas and International Trade.

Mandarin is quickly becoming the language of business and any businessperson who learns how to speak it is at an advantage to be certain. As the role of the Chinese language, spoken by billions, becomes more prominent cross the ocean and more Chinese citizens move to North America, the need for Chinese language skills and Chinese voice over will increase significantly. Continuing efforts to provide new citizens in North America of Chinese heritage with communications in their own language is very important.

Kuang Haze, a native female Chinese speaker and voice actress living in China’s Guangdong Province offers, "I have lots of clients from North American, because there are so many Chinese people living in North America. Then often hire me for radio PSA, on-hold systems, IVR, narration, translation and localization work."

Zhenyu Tan, a male Chinese voice actor based in Beijing, is also finding that North American clients seek his services much in part because of his polished Chinese dialect.

He relates, "More and more Chinese moved to North American so the local companies started to provide customized products and services for Chinese customers. The marketing is growing. Another factor is that many headquarters of global companies are located in North America and oftentimes they produce training materials for all the branches in different countries centrally in North America. The clients in North America have good credit on payment. Most of my jobs from North America are e-learning and business presentations."

One of the best ways to find a native speaker of Chinese is to conduct a search online or post a job using the web service, home to over 15,000 voice over talents, hundreds of which, both male and female, are native speakers of Chinese located around the world including talent from China, Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

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