Tugboat Software Announce New Job Bidding Addition to SOS Platform

Newport Beach, CA, December 12, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Newport Beach, California based experts for innovative software solutions, Tugboat Software has recently announced the integration of a new module within their workforce scheduling platform. The new job bidding module allows employees at manufacturing enterprises to take a more proactive role in their career development. It also presents organizations with a high performance tool for responding to evolving levels of production demand.

The new job bidding module from the specialists at Tugboat Software will be of immense benefit to both organizations and their employees. Oftentimes during a period of a change in production demand, a manufacturing organization must either expand or restrict the number of jobs available within its plant. During this time, companies must ensure that the ideal personnel have the skills in the company where they will have the greatest overall impact on production requirements. This is why companies are now implementing solutions such as the new job bidding tools from Tugboat Software.

Tugboat Software’s new job bidding module works, like the entire SOS system, via an internal rules engine that is developed based on a business analysis based on a site-specific , which acts as the foundation for installing and automating the SOS platform. Due to this tight integration, the job bidding module enables organizations to resize their workforces according to their current and projected production demand. Whether these demands dissipate or grow, the job bidding module from Tugboat Software enables companies to project and manage their workforce size based on specific job positions for optimal results.

One of the key advantages of working with the Tugboat Software job bidding module is that it eliminates gaming within the job awarding process. It provides organizations with complete visibility throughout the entire application process. It also awards jobs according to your management and in-house HR policies. As important, for the employees the module also allows them to manage their own job bidding by using a self-service system. This helps improve in-house levels of workplace satisfaction by empowering employees with an element of control over their careers.

Tugboat Software continues to be one of the leading software specialists within the workforce scheduling optimization field. To learn more about their job bidding module, and the range of options that they offer in their catalogue, please visit www.tugboatsoftware.com.
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