A Preview of AdvaCare’s Monthly Price Updates Newsletter

A Sneak Peak at 3 of Advacare's 7 Top Featured Products

Shanghai, China, December 16, 2012 --(PR.com)-- In the forthcoming edition of AdvaCare Monthly Price Updates, they will be featuring seven of AdvaCare’s most attractive discounts. Three of these are finished pharmaceuticals, three are medical supplies, and one veterinary product. The featured medical supplies for this newsletter will be AdvaCare’s Cotton Wool, Digital Thermometers and Infusion (IV) Sets. These products in particular have stood out in quality and popularity in AdvaCare's current and new markets alike.

Cotton Wool
AdvaCare’s USFDA-approved cotton wool roll is highly absorbent, soft and made of 100% cotton. Widely used in hospitals or for medical treatments, they are available in different sizes/weights: 25g, 50g, 100g, 150g, 200g, 250g, 400g, 454g and 500g. As with all AdvaCare products, this line of cotton products are designed based on market research and according to US standards. AdvaCare currently packages their cotton wool as 1 roll per plastic bag and 1 roll per paper kraft bag, or for some markets both kraft and plastic packaging. AdvaCare's packaging design and packaging quantities can also be customized to suit the buyer’s requirements.

Digital Thermometer
Straight forward, easy to understand and highly accurate, AdvaCare digital thermometers’ are available in rigid rod or soft rod types that can read your temperature in either 60 seconds or less (normal reading) or 30 seconds or less (fast reading). This model has two different settings for how you wish to take your reading; oral and rectal. AdvaCare also offers four different choices of thermometers: mercury free clinical thermometer, children’s thermometer, baby thermometer and oral thermometer. They use sensors based on "Thermistors", solid-state electronic devices whose electrical characteristics change with temperature. Quick and nearly effortless to use, AdvaCare thermometers’ are CE, ISO and USFDA-certified and available in the following packaging: 1 device per regular box, or 40 devices per large box, 10 large sized boxes per carton or 720 regular boxes per carton. The above packaging quantities are also customizable to suit required specifications.

Infusion set
Generally used with an insulin pump as part of intensive insulin therapy, the infusion sets come with “wings” on either one or both sides of the needle, known as butterfly wing or single wing. The infusion set consists of a subcutaneous cannula, an adhesive mount, a quick disconnect and a pump cartridge connector. AdvaCare’s flexible winged infusion systems can be more securely fastened to the patient’s skin and are generally more comfortable as the wings bend to conform to the patient’s arm or hand shape and are more difficult to dislodge than those without wings. USFDA-certified, they are available in the following; single wing 21g, single wing 23g, butterfly wing 21g and butterfly 23g. Packaging designs can also meet customers’ specifications if required. This product is currently packaged as 1 set per poly bag and 500 sets per carton.

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