Surgical Face Masks: AdvaCare Detects Rise in Global Demand

AdvaCare has detected a rise in global demand for its surgical face masks. This comes at the same time as recent headlines from Singapore which highlight the problem of pollution in South East Asia, including Indonesia and Malaysia. The market size for surgical face masks has expanded rapidly with individual consumers now becoming more conscious about their health. Medical supplies distributors, such as pharmacies and medical centers, should maintain ample stock of AdvaCare’s surgical face masks - August 01, 2013

Blood Bag Market in Developing Countries (AdvaCare Pharma)

AdvaCare is currently on a campaign to find distributors for Blood Transfusion Bag (Blood Bags) in developing countries. - June 23, 2013

AdvaCare Announces Two New Products

AdvaCare is once again expanding its lists of products in an effort to better cater to patients and distributors. Sanitary pads and colostomy bags have been added to our existing array of medical supplies. - June 02, 2013

A Preview of AdvaCare’s Monthly Price Updates Newsletter

A Sneak Peak at 3 of Advacare's 7 Top Featured Products - December 16, 2012

Auto-Disable Syringes: Moving Towards Safer Vaccinations

It is undeniable that needles and syringes continue to be vital tools in numerous areas of healthcare and if used incorrectly, it can lead to often deadly diseases and infections. This happens most commonly with repeated needle use on multiple patients. A study carried by the World and Health... - December 09, 2012

AdvaCare's New USFDA Approved Medical Disposable Product Line to be Introduced in June 2012

Medical Disposables and Supplies are AdvaCare’s fastest growing product line. - June 13, 2012

AdvaCare Looking for Qualified Importers & Distributors in Key Markets

As AdvaCare is expanding into new markets, as well as growing its product range to meet demand in these new markets, AdvaCare is interested in suitable importers and distributors joining the AdvaCare team. AdvaCare is interested in qualified distributors, preferably with product registration... - December 29, 2011

AdvaCare Veterinary Product Line Growing Into New Markets

AdvaCare is a leader in supplying Veterinary products to its importers and distributors in markets and regions throughout Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and South America. AdvaCare's facilities are GMP approved and have the necessary documentation for registration in existing and new markets. - December 29, 2011

AdvaCare Expanding Into East European Market

AdvaCare, already having a strong presence in countries throughout Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America, is now introducing its Pharmaceutical, Antimalarial, Oncology, Veterinary and Medical Supplies products to the East European region. AdvaCare is an American company with production in... - December 28, 2011

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