Post Production Professionals Learn Invaluable Color Correction Tips at AlphaDogs Editors' Lounge

Film and television editors learned how waveform monitors aid in perfecting the craft of color-correction with the seminar now available on The Editors’ Lounge Channel.

Burbank, CA, December 19, 2012 --( If you have ever struggled with making a final sequence look better, or in trying to figure out how to fix a few bad shots for a director, you are not alone. For many editors, color correction is a black art that few seem to master. The Editors’ Lounge shed new light on this topic recently with a seminar taught by author and veteran colorist, Steve Hullfish. Post-production professionals learned about the importance and the countless benefits of using waveform monitors to aid in perfecting the craft of color-correction. Now into its ninth year, The Editors’ Lounge hosts educational seminars monthly at AlphaDogs Post Production in Burbank, CA, with leading experts in the field of post-production introducing new technologies in a classroom style setting that allows for hands-on learning. Watch the seminar in its entirety on The Editors’ Lounge Channel,

Hullfish, author of "The Art and Technique of Digital Color Correction," demonstrated in both an informative and easy to understand presentation, specifically how external waveform monitors are used as creative tools when color grading. Beginners and veteran colorists alike learned how waveform monitors and vectorscopes built into most software are not sufficient enough for the needs of a professional colorist. Hullfish recommends using the external scopes due to their quality, customizability and unique displays. “Everything you need to know is in the vectorscope,” Hullfish explains. “Don’t think of waveform monitors and vectorscopes as engineering tools, but rather as graphs to tell you what’s really wrong with the picture, because you can’t trust your eyes. Color grading is an important process in creating excellent video productions, and knowing how to use scopes is critical in doing it right.”

Hullfish also demonstrated the unique ability to capture and compare RGB parade inputs between shots that need to be matched as well as other time-saving techniques.

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