GlacialLight Announces the New 12.5W Vega Series Interior LED Lamps - GL-AR111-V2-12

GlacialLight introduces the stylish 12.5W GL-AR111-V2-12 Vega Series interior LED lamps with patented thermal design for reduced energy consumption.

Taipei, Taiwan, December 23, 2012 --( Stylish LED Lamps with Patented Thermal Design for Reduced Energy Consumption

GlacialLight, a division of the Taiwanese technology manufacturer, GlacialTech Inc., has launched the new stylish GL-AR111-V2-12 Vega Series interior LED lamps with patented thermal design – helping to boost heat dissipation. Following the 9W GL-AR111-V2-9 Vega Series, these 12.5W lamps are the second addition to the cost-effective and environmentally-friendly Vega Series LED lamps.

These 12.5W GL-AR111-V2-12 LED lamps offer a luminous efficacy of up to 86 lumens per watt and have 80% lower energy usage when compared to traditional lamps. The 12.5W lamps have a stronger luminous flux than that of the 9W Vega Series lamps. Warm white beam has been increased from 640lm to 800lm and cool white beam from 860lm to 1080lm.

These 12.5W Vega Series LED lamps have been designed as replacements for traditional 75W AR111 halogen lamps. The built-in drivers of GL-AR111-V2-12-WW/CW make the lamps compatible with traditional 12V AC electronic transformers.

With the bundled drivers, GL-AR111-V2AN-12/V2AD-12 can also be used in similar applications to traditional 75W AR111 halogen lamps. These lamps are particularly well-suited for new construction fixture installments.

Each GL-AR111-V2-12 lamp provides illumination for all indoor lighting applications with a 28° beam. Typical applications include spot lighting, architectural lighting, residential lighting, commercial lighting, retail lighting, accent lighting, hallway lighting and cabinet lighting.

The main features of these Vega Series lamps include:
- GL-AR111-V2-12 accepts an input voltage of 12V AC/DC.
- GL-AR111-V2AN-12 accepts a wider range of input voltage (100-240V AC).
- GL-AR111-V2ADL-12 accepts an input voltage of 100-120V AC and is TRIAC dimmable.
- GL-AR111-V2ADH-12 accepts an input voltage of 200-240V AC and is TRIAC dimmable.

The patented thermal design of all the lamps allows heat to dissipate more quickly. However, GL-AR111-V2-12-WW/CW stand apart from the rest of the lamps. GL-AR111-V2-12-WW/CW include a silicone glue compound, which further boosts heat dissipation from the built-in driver in the interior of the lamp to the surface, reducing inside heat. The purpose of this is to increase driver lifespan. This connected to the energy efficiency of the Vega Series LED lamps means reduced cooling and air conditioning related costs in commercial and residential spaces.

The whole GL-AR111-V2-12 series is supported with full two year warranties. GlacialLight is very happy to begin offering these new products to its existing and potential customers and business partners worldwide.

Features of the GL-AR111-V2-12 lamp
- Attractive, patented thermal design
- An easy replacement for older AR111/G53 halogen lamps
- Bright, power saving, eco-friendly LEDs
- Luminous Efficacy of up to 86 lumens/watt
- Efficiency and patented thermal design reduces heat
- Very long 30,000 hour life
- RoHS compliant, No Mercury, No IR or UV light radiation
- Extremely durable and robust
- 2 year manufacturer's warranty

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