Winners Revealed in Superwomen Boot Camp’s “Battle of the Holiday Bulge Fitness” Challenge

Folsom fitness expert and owner of Superwomen Boot Camp, Val Fujii today announced the winners of the Battle of the Holiday Bulge Fitness Challenge. Challengers split a pot of $1,140 and were awarded weekend vacations, massages, facials, mani/pedis and more. Prizes were awarded for greatest percentage of weight loss and greatest percentage of body fat loss.

Folsom, CA, January 20, 2013 --( Folsom fitness expert and owner of Superwomen Boot Camp, Val Fujii is proud to announce the winners of the Battle of the Holiday Bulge Challenge today. The challenge was a voluntary fitness competition, with great results, for participants’ health and wallets.

Challengers took “before” pictures and had a weigh in and body fat calculation in the beginning. Each week there was a weigh in and body fat calculation.

In addition to the support of other boot campers, challengers received the Belly Blast program (valued at $77) for free. It included:
Checklist for readiness
Starter Guide
Goal Sheet
Grocery List Recipes
Week 1, 2 & 3 Meal Plans + a Detox component.
Home Workouts

Winners split a money pot of $1,140 and were also awarded other fabulous prizes such as massages, facials and weekend stays at vacation locations. Winners were split into 40-years-old and older and under 39-years-old, and chosen based upon highest percentage of body weight lost and highest body fat percentage reduction.

“I am so proud of these women. Most people consider themselves lucky if they don’t gain weight during the holidays. These super women were so dedicated to their fitness that they lost a combined 75 pounds during the holiday season when sweets and comfort food reigns,” says Fujii.

Over 40 winner Angel Thompson says, “As a more mature woman and natural healthcare professional, I was already taking good care of my body naturally. However, after joining Superwomen Boot Camp and taking the “Super Six Week Challenge,” my life (both physically and mentally) has been conditioned to a higher level of health. Thanks to SWBC, I can truly say, ‘I am a Super-Woman!’”

40 and Over Category
Greatest Percentage of Weight Loss
Angel Thompson 7.2%
Denise Jenks 5.7%
Rochelle Barcellona 5.1%
Mary Corbitt 4.7%
Robin Fisher 3.8%

Greatest Percentage of Body Fat Loss
Denise Jenks 4.1%
Angel Thompson 2.9%
Rochelle Barcellona 1.3%
Robin Fisher 1.2%
Mary Corbitt .8%

Under 39 Category
Greatest Percentage of Weight Loss
Shweta Khetarpal 6.8%
Sonia Fernandez 5.1%
Geeta Karki 3.6%
Paige Gregory 3.5%
Michelle Blanch 2.7%

Greatest Percentage of Body Fat Loss
Shweta Khetarpal 1.5%
Geeta Karki .4%
Paige Gregory .3%
Sonia Fernandez .2%
Michelle Blanch .1%

According to Fujii, Superwomen Boot Camp is not your typical ‘hard core’ boot camp – no one is going to yell in your face or intimidate you. It is a positive, empowering program designed for women of all ages and fitness levels. The training philosophy involves the use of multiple functional movements done in a circuit-training format for maximum fat loss and muscle toning. Only the most effective exercises are done, which is why participants see significantly faster and better results in only three workouts per week. And no workout is ever the same, so no one gets bored. In addition to obtaining impressive results, participants have fun and receive the support of other women that are looking to achieve the same goals and level of fitness.

“Our boot campers range in age from high schoolers to women in their 70’s,” says Fujii. “It’s great to see the women supporting each other and recognizing their successes.”

The cost for Superwomen Boot Camp is just $99 per month, which equates to only $8.25 per camp if attended regularly three times per week; an unheard of value in the healthcare industry. The membership includes a nutritional plan for a complete health and fitness plan. “I’ve made Superwomen Boot Camp affordable for all women. It is a great value because participants receive the benefit of a personal trainer, the energy of a group fitness class and the expertise of a nutritionist at a very reasonable cost,” adds Fujii.

Superwomen Boot Camp meets at 118 Woodmere Road, #100, in Folsom, across from Harley Davidson. For more information, visit or call 916-337-4780.

Val Fujii, NASM CPT, PES, is the owner and founder of Superwomen Boot Camp and is a local Folsom and El Dorado Hills fitness professional. He is available for interviews or to discuss other story ideas related to women’s weight loss and fitness. He can be reached at 916-337-4780 or via email at For even more information please visit
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