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Divinelady Starts Her Mexican Smile On Television

A smile is free to give, free to receive and always welcomed, and is the quickest way to raise the positive energy in the world.

White Plains, NY, December 09, 2005 --(PR.com)-- 15th December 2005, English author, Jill Divine, will start her Mexican Wave of Smiles to help foster world peace. This can be seen on The Happiness Show and will be part of the show, “Public Smiling and Jill Divine’s Mexican Wave.” This can be viewed on White Plains, New York cable television, access 76, at 9pm.

Jill hopes her smile will be taken by everyone watching and that they will spread it to others. This will act like a Mexican wave, and if spread far enough, could help raise the positive energy all around the universe. This smile is the quickest way to raise the positive energy in the world and will help us all to feel positively happier and more inclined to, metaphorically speaking of course, “love our neighbour” and less inclined to argue or fight, and ultimately start that war. Peace in our time would be a reality and not just a dream.

Jill’s first step to help foster world peace was her novel ANJOY – GOD’S GIFTS. This depicts a planet set in the future where positive energy disappears and negativity takes control, and shows what could happen to our planet if we let this happen. Her Mexican wave of smiles is her next GIANT leap forward to make our universe a happier, smiling, and positive place to live in.

She has also written to HRH Prince Charles, President Bush, Prime Minister Tony Blair, and New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark, telling them of her Mexican wave of smiles as well as offering them her help to foster world peace. Previously they were all sent copies of her first step - ‘Anjoy – God’s Gifts.’ Thank you letters have been received from nearly all.

More details about Jill Divine, her Mexican Wave of Smiles, and Anjoy – God’s Gifts can be seen on her website www.divinelady.co.uk

Details about The Happiness Show can be viewed on www.thehappinessshow.com

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