Forget The Plasma- This TV Can Fatten Your Bank Account

For the very first time, an auction is being dedicated to one of the fastest growing tld’s on the web. Why is this exciting? Sites like,, and already know.

Smithsburg, MD, July 31, 2007 --( The web is moving fast forward. Social networking, video sharing, live streams - these are becoming the tools of choice. Dot-TV has wrapped itself around this movement. It is rare to find a .TV website without video, as they are becoming one in the same. To have a “pseudo” site might in fact cost you traffic. Visitors looking for will at some point type in first, because that is what they will be conditioned to do. Unlike other TLDs that have been injected into the system, .TV actually caters to the natural growth of the web.

Video based sites are more robust. You can provide concise instruction, introduce your company to a prospective employee, sell your product to a captive audience- even say “I Love You” more personally than ever before. The .TV website is the exciting, realized future of the web. Unlike other TLDs, .TV makes an individuality statement. Yes, it is hip and cool, but it also provides the clever edge a business needs.

Now where can one find a selection of truly fine .TV domains? Only at the .TV PrimeTimeAuction, of course…

Running for a full week, there will be daily online live auctions held at There will be hundreds of names up for auction, including such names as,,,,,, and so many more.

.TV PrimeTime Auction
08/06/07 – 08/10/07
Auctions start- 2pm Daily

Contact: Dottie Gruhler

Dottie Gruhler