Supermen Boot Camp Opens in Folsom

Folsom fitness expert Val Fujii announces the creation of Supermen Boot Camp in Folsom. Classes are currently running.

Folsom, CA, January 28, 2013 --( Folsom fitness expert and owner of Superwomen Boot Camp (SWBC), Val Fujii, is proud to announce the introduction of Supermen Boot Camp. The boot camp will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-6:30am and will be co-ed.

This time period works great for working men and women to start their days with an energetic workout before heading to the office. “We’ve had pent up demand for a Supermen Boot Camp,” says Fujii. “Many of these men have been seeing the results of the women in our Superwomen boot camps and want the same thing.”

Phil Massa, husband of Superwomen Boot Camper Cindy, is one of these men. “My decision to join Supermen Boot Camp was primarily based on the physical and mental transformation of my wife through involvement in Superwomen Boot Camp,” notes Massa. “Within a short time I saw her lose weight, tone muscle, gain energy and confidence, all of which I was seeking and needed the direction to attain it. I enjoy the one-on-one guidance, camaraderie and the innovative, unique exercises of each session. Gone are the days of endless weight repetitions in the corporate gyms for me.”

According to Fujii, Supermen Boot Camp is not your typical “hard core” boot camp – no one is going to yell in anyone’s face or intimidate them. It is a positive, empowering program designed for men of all ages and fitness levels, where they receive personal training within a group setting. The training philosophy involves the use of multiple functional movements done in a circuit-training format for maximum fat loss and muscle toning. Only the most effective exercises are done, which is why participants see significantly faster and better results in only three weekly workouts. And no workout is ever the same, so no one gets bored. In addition to obtaining fabulous results, participants have fun and receive the support of other women who are looking to achieve the same goals and level of fitness.

Supermen Boot Camp is being led by certified personal trainer and nutritionist, Shon Moore. Moore is a retired kick boxer who has studied martial arts for more than 30 years. “I am really excited to be a part of Supermen Boot Camp and continue in the tradition that Val has created of helping our campers achieve their fitness goals through fun, efficient workouts,” says Moore.

The cost for Supermen Boot Camp is just $69 per month, which equates to only $8.62 per camp if attended regularly two times per week; an unheard of value in the healthcare industry. The membership includes a nutritional plan for a complete health and fitness plan. “I’ve made Supermen Boot Camp affordable for all women. It is a great value because participants receive the benefit of a personal trainer, the energy of a group fitness class and the expertise of a nutritionist at a very reasonable cost,” adds Fujii.

Superman Boot Cmap is located at 100 Woodmere Dr., Ste. 110 in Folsom. For more information, call 916-337-4780.

Val Fujii, NASM CPT, PES, is the owner of Fujii Fitness, founder of Superwomen Boot Camp, and is a fitness professional. He is available for interviews or to discuss other story ideas related to women’s weight loss and fitness. He can be reached at 916-337-4780 or via email at
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