AlphaDogs Post Inflicts Suspense in New Indie Thriller

A scary vibe was created for the film with just the right amount of picture contrast and shadow combined with suspenseful background sound effects.

Burbank, CA, February 12, 2013 --( As any good indie filmmaker knows, post-production is an extremely important part of the puzzle when it comes to creating a great independent film. The process can often become overwhelming however, and leave the indie filmmaker unsure of how to begin post-production or find a facility that caters to the specific needs of independent filmmaking.

When Director Matthan Harris was ready to finish his film titled The Inflicted, he began searching for an indie friendly post house that would deliver the same quality as a big budget film. When he learned that AlphaDogs not only caters to the independent filmmaker, but that they have also worked on award-winning movies, he knew he had found the perfect fit. “Everyone at AlphaDogs is really professional and down to earth. The team is very passionate about their work and that’s really inspiring for the creative process,” said Harris.

Post-production initially began with AlphaDogs editor and colorist Sean Stack working one-on-one with Harris to decide the best approach to meet the desired look for the film. After the final edit was completed, Emmy Award nominated Cinematographer Cira Felina Bolla, joined the team to review master shots and help shape the cool dark feel of the story. Stack created this vibe by adding just the right amount of contrast and shadow consistently throughout the film, with secondary color grading applied to balance and even out skin tones of the characters.

Scenes shot with different camera angles required careful attention during post to make certain they matched surrounding shots. Stack explains, “Sometimes errors happen during a shoot, or an effect shot comes back from graphics with a gamma shift. With the use of powerful color correction tools, external video scopes and professional monitoring, those rare but extreme problems are technically analyzed and repaired so the actors' performance is saved.”

In charge of audio for the film was AlphaDogs Emmy Award nominated VP of Audio, Marcus Pardo. Harris comments, “I was pleasantly surprised when Marcus salvaged some less-than-stellar ADR lines by seamlessly combining the necessary parts with the original dialogue." Junior Audio Mixer Curtis Fritsch supervised the background sound effects, adding suspense to the film. Fritsch comments, “I worked on finding a good balance of realistic and scary sounds to make sure they complimented the film. The biggest challenge was in making sure places like the hospital and the farm didn't interfere with music or dialogue.” The film’s Italian composer Marco Werba (Dario Argento’s Giallo) visited from Rome to assist Marcus and Matthan with the final audio mix.

The Inflicted stars genre veterans Bill Moseley (The Devil’s Rejects), Sid Haig (House of 1000 Corpses), Doug Bradley (Hellraiser) and Giovanni Lombardo Radice (The Omen), as well as Director Matthan Harris. This edge of your seat thriller takes audiences into the dark world of troubled medical student David O’Hara (Matthan Harris), who kidnaps, and murders young women. Attempting to replace the family he lost as a boy he impregnates one of his victims. Once the victim is rescued by police, the troubled student goes on a murderous rampage to get his family back. "The team at AlphaDogs worked very hard on the film with everyone going above and beyond the call of duty,” said Harris. “I can confidently say that we made The Inflicted as good as we could within the budgetary limitations.”

The film will be released May 21, 2013 by Osiris Entertainment on DVD, and has already premiered in four countries: USA, Italy, Germany, and South Africa with screenings at Texas Frightmare Weekend, Fantafestival, South African HorrorFest and Weekend of Horrors.

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