Connect One Releases Evaluation Board for Lowest Cost Secure Internet Protocol Controller on the Market

II-EVB-600 Provides CO2064 Connectivity via WiFi, LAN, Cellular or Dial Up

San Jose, CA, August 02, 2007 --( Connect One™, the Device Networking Authority™, today announced the release of the II-EVB-600, an evaluation board for programming the iChip CO2064, Connect One’s low-cost, small footprint Internet Protocol (IP) controller that targets cost- and resource-constrained machine-to-machine (M2M) applications, where encryption and security is required. The II-EVB-600 supports many upper layer Internet protocols using either AT+i commands or the iChipConfig Utility, and can be used for evaluation and development of secure WiFi, LAN, cellular or dial-up networking, offering developers maximum flexibility in connectivity.

The II-EVB-600 acts as a complete stand-alone platform which enables developers to fully test out, develop and debug the functionality of the CO2064’s firmware without any modifications to the customer's development environment. The II-EVB-600 facilitates the CO2064 iChip’s tight memory management. To minimize footprint, CO2064 iChip offers 256 kBytes of memory, enough to run all networking stacks, and does not need dedicated flash while using the available system flash for storing the device firmware.

The chip features an open architectural design where developers choose the Internet protocols required for their applications. The initial firmware, which is locally updateable firmware, supports via several flavors up to 10 simultaneous TCP/UDP sockets or secure sockets (SSL3/TLS1); two listen sockets; HTTP/HTTPS, SMTP, FTP/FTPS and TELNET clients; and SerialNET serial-to-IP bridging, HTTP (Web) server, MIME attachments, POP3 client and RAS. Future versions will support remotely updateable firmware.

“The CO2064 targets the low-end, resource-constrained M2M application where low cost and time to market is critical,” noted Izak Shoshana, Connect One’s VP of products. “With the II-EVB-600, developers can expect design-in to be only one month, further slashing development costs. When you put these business advantages beside the CO2064’s technical strengths—10/100BaseT Ethernet MAC, USB connectivity, hardware encryption, for example—you realize the impact this small 64-pin iChip is capable of in the M2M market.”

The II-EVB-600 comes loaded for connectivity. Complementing the two iChipSec CO2064 chips included for prototyping, the RoHS-compliant II-EVB-600 offers two USB host and device connectors, two male-female RS-232 DB-9 connectors, RJ-45 connector, RJ-11 connector, SocketModem, WiFi daughter board with antenna, 4-pin TWI connector, two 6-pin SPI connectors and SIM holder with either 110- or 220-V power supply. LEDs provide valuable feedback. Serial cables are included.

Using onchip firmware, developers can send and receive emails with or without attachments perform FTP or use a built-in Web server for remote control and management of the system and application. The SerialNET (Device Server) mode offers a plug-and-play operating mode that enables the connection of any device with an RS-232 interface to the Internet via Modem, LAN Ethernet, WiFi or Cellular, without changing anything on the device’s hardware or software.

The CO2064 offers unprecedented value. Many Connect One customers have chosen to reduce their bill of materials and improve their product’s performance by migrating from Connect One’s iChipSec CO120 chip to the CO2064. The new chip includes a 10/100BaseT Ethernet MAC and many interfaces, including USB v.2.0 full-speed host and device, two SPI, two-wire and two USART interfaces. Security features include a true random number generator, SHA-1/256 secure hash accelerator, AES-128/192/256 encryption accelerator, 3DES, SSL3/TLS1, and WEP/WPA2 encryption for WiFi. Packaged in an RoHS-compliant LQFP form factor, the CO2064 operates at 48 MHz in a low-leakage 0.13 micron process. The core operates at 1.2 volts, while I/Os operate at 3.3 volts and can operate in the industrial temperature range.

Pricing and Availability
The data sheet, product brief, presentation, LAN reference design, and EVB user manual for the CO2064 can be downloaded from The II-EVB-600 for secure WiFi, LAN, cellular or dial-up access costs $575.

About Connect One
Established in 1996, Connect One Ltd. is widely regarded as the device networking authority, with many innovative firsts to its credit. The company manufactures semiconductors and device servers that facilitate reliable and robust Internet Protocol-based communication for everyday devices. Connect One is privately owned, with offices in San Jose, CA, Hong Kong, and Kfar Saba, Israel.

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