Lois Hamblet, CEO of Ziptip, Inc., Mobile Payments for Tips and Gratuities, Quoted in Sunbelt Foodservice Magazine

Miami, FL, February 12, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Lois Hamblet, CEO of Ziptip, Inc., mobile payments for tips and gratuities, is quoted in the February 2013 issue of Sunbelt Foodservice Magazine. In an article about electronic tipping, Hamblet states:

“A tipping solution is long overdue [as] the tipping [space] has almost never been innovated . . . Credit card tips are fundamentally paid to the wrong party [and] have to be withheld and allocated later, which is too much hassle and too much time . . . [merchant] operators have become accustomed to the inconveniences in the current system, including the liabilities involved [and] numerous rules and regulations that often vary by state. [There's] the potential for inappropriate handling of tips, making operators at risk for lawsuits.”

Ziptip’s solution solves the current problems in the tipping space. Ziptip’s tip recipients simply display to customers an image, most commonly on a business card, to get tipped. Tippers scan the image using their phones and the free Ziptip apps (for Android or iPhones). The solution is not limited to scanning, as an ID or email also can be entered. For a limited time, new tip recipients get free cards when they open their accounts at ziptip.net

Ziptips are instantly deposited to the PayPal account of the tip recipient, and, as such, solve many of the problems associated with credit card tipping. Ziptip also solves tippers frustrations too, as many no longer carry cash but still want to give tips. A video describes the new service: www.youtube.com/watch

Ziptip is not about just providing an alternative to a cash tip; it’s also innovating the tipping space in other ways. Unlike regular tips where the tipping opportunity is limited to point of service, Ziptip enables the tipper to tip whenever they like, even after point of service (or multiple times if they feel like it). This was never possible when cash tipping was the only option. Additionally, while cash tipping is limited by social custom, Ziptipping frees up tippers to tip whomever they feel like. After studying the tipping space over the past year, Ziptip CEO Lois Hamblet concluded that the personal connections that transpire to make us want to tip happen in many situations where tipping isn’t currently practiced. Some of these connections include but are not limited to musicians, artists, instructors, coaches, tutors and retail workers.

The Ziptip service is available in over 20 countries.

Ziptip is included in Tech Cocktail's list of Boston's Hottest Startups and its solution has been awarded a number of accolades since and during its development.

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