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Latest CPR+ Release Targets New Efficiencies and Compliance Solutions for Specialty Pharmacy, Home Medical Equipment and Home Infusion

CPR+ version 9.0 adds more than 20 major enhancements with a focus on driving new efficiencies for customers in the three healthcare industries.

Westerville, OH, February 13, 2013 --( Definitive Homecare Solutions (DHS) announced today the release of the latest version of its CPR+ software, an industry leading business and clinical management software with versions for specialty pharmacies, home medical equipment suppliers, and home infusion therapy pharmacies. CPR+ version 9.0 adds more than 20 major enhancements with a focus on driving new efficiencies for customers in the three healthcare industries.

The Latest CPR+ HME/DME Features Highlight Compliance

“With competitive bidding in full swing, our HME customers are under pressure to provide the same high-quality patient care for less money,” said Ted McGraner, DHS’ Director and Senior Business Analyst. “We’re helping them succeed with features that make it easier to comply with difficult Medicare and commercial payer qualifying requirements.”

Among the more cumbersome regulatory requirements are those applicable to continuous positive airway pressure devices, or CPAPs, used in treating sleep disorders. “CPR+ incorporates the steps to qualify the patient—from the sleep study to the multiple face-to-face physician consultations—into the normal workflow of the HME provider and alerts the user when a requirement is not met.” By doing so, CPR+ helps the provider contain what can be a costly process.

“We can’t change the reimbursement rates,” concludes Mr. McGraner, “but we can continue to add features in CPR+ that lower HME providers’ costs and maintain profitability.”

CPR+ Adds Patient Assistance Program Management for Specialty Pharmacies

For DHS’ specialty pharmacy customers, CPR+ adds new features focused on patient adherence. “Our customers are the nexus of patient adherence for diseases managed with specialty medications,” said Cindy Stegman, DHS’ Training and Implementation Manager. “Specialty pharmacies already rely on patient clinical management tools in CPR+ to aid in patient adherence, but we recognized an equally important need on the billing side.”

With the high cost of specialty medications, a frequent obstacle to a patient’s continuing therapy is the cost paid by the patient. To meet this need, specialty pharmacies assist patients in identifying drug manufacturer co-pay cards and non-profit patient assistance programs that help offset some of the patient costs. New features in CPR+ help specialty pharmacies meet this need.

“We’ve incorporated features directly in the CPR+ specialty pharmacy workflow, tracking available benefits, generating electronic claims to available co-pay programs, and alerting the pharmacy when benefit amounts are exhausted,” Ms. Stegman explained. “It meets a critical need for specialty pharmacies and their patients and does so while lowering specialty pharmacies’ operating costs.”

New CPR+ Features Make Patient Deliveries a One-Step Process for Home Infusion Pharmacies

There are inherent complexities in providing patients with needed medications when the medications are compounded and IV-administered and when the drug is administered in the patient’s home. The nature of the services that home infusion pharmacies provide requires them to contend with delivery of infusion pumps, supplies, and ancillary medications along with the primary medication, educating the patients on the therapy and use of the equipment , and billing requirements that are equally complex. DHS looks to remove some of the complexity for its home infusion pharmacy customers in its latest CPR+ release.

“We’ve long utilized templates in CPR+ to reduce the data-entry required to fill home infusion prescriptions,” said Jeff Johnston, co-owner of DHS, “but with our latest version, we’ve taken this concept further, essentially allowing our home infusion customers to design a template to capture all supplies that accompany a particular therapy, the associated heparin and saline orders that accompany the drug therapy, and even patient education materials and other documents that CPR+ automatically prints with the delivery.”

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