Invisco Whole House Fan Company Announces the World's First Infinitely Variable Speed Fans for 110 VAC with Performance Up to 16,000 CFM

Now you can have any whole house fan air flow you want from nearly zero up to full rated CFM. Invisco whole house fan systems are smart - they sense the temperature and start rotating at the temperature you choose - typically 75 degrees - and will accelerate up to full speed at any higher temperature you select - 85 degrees, for example.

Temecula, CA, February 27, 2013 --( Invisco Whole House Fan Company has just completed design on a revolutionary new product line based on the modern ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) technology.

ECM motors are the most efficient in history with operating costs lower than ever before. They are basically brushless DC motors with electronic controls that make them perfect solutions for air movement and water pumping.

There are other whole house fan companies that have ECM motors, but Invisco is the first to offer infinite speed control, automatic speed control and thermostatically controlled systems.

Invisco has several options for your home. You can select a cost effective direct drive system that runs the fan blade at motor speed, typically 850 RPM or more, or you can select a spring loaded belt drive system that reduces the blade RPM to 400-500 for super quiet operation.

You don't need to worry about the belts - they are automatically tensioned for minimum maintenance. And you get the best guarantee in the industry - 15 years.

All Invisco systems are designed for rafter mounting so you don't see them and you barely hear them. See the Invisco web site for pictures and videos that tell you just how quiet these are.

For more information call Kurt (The Whole House Fan Guy) at 800 579 5018.
Kurt Shafer