Up Close and Personal Tackles Business and Women Today

TV and Radio Talk Show Host Bonnie D. Graham brings Women and Business issues to radio as she tackled the Glass Ceiling Friday August 3rd on AM1240 WGBB. Her experience and wit makes this subject worth talking about with her guest Diane Dutton.

Las Vegas, NV, August 05, 2007 --(PR.com)-- TV and Radio Talk Show Hots Bonnie D. Graham on her Radio Show Up Close and Personal on AM1240 WGBB Friday, August 3rd enjoyed the company of long time NYC and Las Vegas resident Diane Dutton, author of A Woman's Ladder to Success. Bonnie's distinguished career allows her to bring new and exciting talent to her radio and internet audience.

Diane Dutton, CPA, MBA and AICPA Ambassador has authored a leadership fable for women, A Woman's Ladder To Success, which she shared with Bonnie D. Graham on her show. Controversal as Women in Business breaking the Glass Ceiling can be, slipping behind the Gender Curtain seems the sublte new approach to issues as they discussed such as plunging necklines which the world witnessed on the Senate floor with Hillary Clinton as extremely controversial in the political arena.

Dutton's expertise of 28 yrs in corporate America ranges from women's wardrobe to women's emotional rants to women's successes in the corporate boardroom. Bonnie D. Graham's work life has spanned the gamut from corporate positions of authority to life inside the entertainment industry. She brings this experience to every interview and her stories of facing women's issues were insightful and entertaining.

To hear more of Bonnie D. Graham's great guests visit www.am1240WGBB. To see more with Diane Dutton on that subtle Gender Curtain go to www.businesswomenspeak.com.

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