Portable Experimenter’s Platform, Powered by Raspberry Pi

A game-changing booster for STEM education, ultra low-cost data acquisition system, and Audio Explorer for experimentation in sound form the beginning configuration of the Portable Experimenter's Platform. It works with any networked computing device with a browser. Hobbyists in electronics and students can perform experiments in sound or voice, as well as learning computing in Linux and Python.

Portable Experimenter’s Platform, Powered by Raspberry Pi
Sunnyvale, CA, March 23, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Wattminder, Inc. dba: WattminderInstruments.com has announced a KickStarter project -- Portable Experimenter’s Platform (PEP) a powerful yet low-cost electronic instrumentation laboratory bench for hobbyists and students in electronics, as well as physical sensors about our surroundings, i.e. temperature, sound, pressure, light intensity, etc. for simple experimentation in Physics.

The Raspberry Pi, and its user can interact with his or her surrounding, or object of experimentation involving measurable or detectable attributes. Current offerings include Ras-Das-1, Audio Explorer, and an Acrylic case, each retailing at $35. Customer and classroom testing are in progress.

Ras-Das-3 and Optical Explorer boards are in prototyping stage, demonstration units will be tested starting late March, 2013.

Key innovations in this PEP are:
1. Professional features at a hobbyist price
2. Virtual (oscilloscope) Scope capability operated with common browser, through a LAN, or internet connection
3. Enable in-class, or at-home hands-on experimentation for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and electronics & Linux computing

A Kickstarter project (a crowd sourced funding mechanism) is in progress. A production contract is in place, and ready to go as soon as funding is secured.
Steve Yang, P.E.
Image of the Portable Experimenter's Platform

Image of the Portable Experimenter's Platform

The initial complement of Raspberry Pi, RAS-DAS-1, and Audio Explorer board in its clear Acrylic case, is ready to go with 7 simple experiments in sound, out-of-the box. For instance, Measuring Speed of Sound, Estimating distance to a Wall, Locating a Sound Source in a Room, etc.