800 HF Welder from AMH Canada Meets New Standard

Rimouski, Canada, August 11, 2007 --(PR.com)-- AMH Canada Ltd announces approval for the 800 HF.

There have been many questions of late asked regarding the performance and specifications of the latest generation of inverter welders with particular reference to health & Safety.

With the demands of the market requiring more powerful welders able to deliver high welding currents (over 13,000 amps) and high clamping forces (over 450 daN) to cope with the harder, tougher advanced high strength steels (AHSS), welder manufacturers have been striving to meet these performance targets and at the same time complying with the new EU health and safety Directive and standards relating to electromagnetic fields (EMF) to be implemented in the automotive refinish industry.

The CompuSpot inverter welder 800HF (with and EMF shield) has now been tested to the new standards prEN50505 & prEN50445, which are part of EU Directive 2004/40/CE to be enforced on April 28, 2008. AMH Canada Ltd is delighted to announce the 800HF not only complies with the new standards, but in fact it significantly exceeds the standards in regard to EMF.

A very important point to note here is that the new EMF shielded CompuSpot 800HF exceeds these new EMF standards with its “remote transformer design”, which means that the welder technician does not have to manhandle a cumbersome and heavy transformer/clamp, which seems to have become the typical spot welder design to meet the market performance requirements and new EMF standards.

The CompuSpot 800HF has also gained approvals from many of the leading car manufacturers with some exclusively approving the CompuSpot 800HF. These manufacturers include Renault, PSA Citroën Peugeot, Ford, GM, Honda, Toyota, Daimler-Chrysler, to name a few.

The CompuSpot 800HF has not only set the new benchmark in welding standards, it is the only inverter welder on the market today that can deliver 14,000 amps at the welding tips as well as producing a clamping force of over 550 daN with a relatively compact electrode clamp.

Didier Vilbert the Director of Sales for AMH Canada in Europe commented “We are delighted with these latest endorsements, but it’s no more than the product deserves. When customers are investing in capital equipment of this type they have to be confident that it will be continuing to earn its keep for many years to come and the CompuSpot 800HF is guaranteed to do just that.”

For further information on CompuSpot welders visit www.amh.ca or contact: Peter Phillipson at peter.phillipson@amh.ca

AMH Canada Ltd
Peter Phillipson