AMH Canada Ltd Introduces Hand-Held Spectra-Jet

AMH Canada Ltd Introduces Hand-Held Spectra-Jet

The Spectra-Jet unit produced by AMH Canada Ltd for drying waterborne paint has proved very popular. AMH has now introduced a hand-held version to complete smaller jobs. - May 10, 2008

Wanda Turns in Fast Results

Recent testing in the USA was carried out by AMH Canada Ltd using their Spectratek infrared paint curing equipment to produce data sheets for both refinish distributors and bodyshops. Wanda, one of the paint brands belonging to Akzo Nobel was included in the tests. - January 25, 2008

SpectraJet Unit Turns in Impressive Results

The SpectraJet air mover manufactured by AMH Canada Ltd has been tested in the USA against its competitors. The unit is designed to produce fast drying times on waterborne basecoats used in the car refinish business. - January 09, 2008

Affordable Method of Drying Waterborne Paint Introduced

Affordable Method of Drying Waterborne Paint Introduced

AMH Canada Ltd have introduced SpectraJet, a new non-infrared product into the Spectratek range. SpectraJet is a simple air moving system that solves the problem of slow drying waterborne basecoats increasingly used in the automotive refinish industry. SpectraJet pushes clean fillterd booth air... - October 11, 2007

800 HF Welder from AMH Canada Meets New Standard

AMH Canada Ltd announces approval for the 800 HF. There have been many questions of late asked regarding the performance and specifications of the latest generation of inverter welders with particular reference to health & Safety. With the demands of the market requiring more powerful welders... - August 11, 2007

Spectratek Gains Ford Approval

AMH Canada Ltd have announced that their Spectratek range of short wave infrared paint curing equipment has been approved by Ford Motor Company and are to be included in the Ford Rotunda equipment program. This program is designed to ensure that only the best quality equipment is used in Ford and... - June 10, 2007

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