Using Color to Improve Mission Critical Facilities Uptime

PDU Cables Introduces Colored Faceplate and Receptacle Box Options as Part of its Branch Circuit Power Whips to Help Data Centers Manage Critical Electrical Systems.

Minnetonka, MN, April 19, 2013 --( PDU Cables, a division of Engineered Products Company, has announced another industry first with its introduction of colored faceplates and receptacle boxes as an extension of its eleven colors of liquid tight flexible metal conduit.

Color coding in a mission critical facility makes tracing and managing primary and redundant power sources and key infrastructural systems and components easier. In the complex world of data center management easier usually translates into fewer outages and less downtime if a problem occurs.

To make data center management easier, PDU Cables, the first branch circuit power whip manufacturer to offer colored conduit, now offers colored faceplates and boxes painted to match its eleven colors of liquid tight flexible metal conduit.

Colored faceplates and boxes are a great compliment to colored flexible metal conduit.

Even if you are using Greenfield (RWS/RWA) conduit, or Metal Clad (MC) Cable for your power whips, PDU Cables can provide the colored faceplates and receptacle boxes in the same eleven colors. That way when you lift a raised floor panel, one quick glance and you’ll know which power cable is primary and which is secondary, making tracking power distribution pathways fast and easy.

If you aren’t using liquid-tight flexible metal conduit, you can still color code your branch circuit power whips for primary and secondary power sources using our colored faceplates and boxes.

If you are looking to reduce outages and increase uptime in your mission critical facility, then utilizing PDU Cables branch circuit power whips with integrated color matched conduit, faceplates and receptacle boxes will make your job easier.

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About PDU Cables
PDU Cables manufactures and distributes power-distribution cable assemblies used by more than 5,000 data centers in North America. Known for its industry-leading innovation, PDU Cables was the first independent cable-assembly company to introduce colored conduit, to acquire UL Listing, and to offer the Power Cable and Equipment Configurator™ for documenting connections and specifying the correct under-floor power cables. Electrical contractors install PDU Cables’ factory-fabricated UL-listed cable assemblies to save time and labor, and reduce overall project costs.
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