Voice Actor Jesse Springer Podcasts Interview Series with Joe Cipriano

Rising voice over star and producer Jesse Springer, age 19, has produced a three-part interview series with promo voice talent Joe Cipriano airing on the VOX Talk Podcast.

Los Angeles, CA, August 17, 2007 --(PR.com)-- In an age where social media has brought people together online, Jesse Springer, a native of Seattle pursuing a voice acting career in Los Angeles, has found unique ways to hone his craft as a voice actor and promote his talents while becoming acquainted with the Who’s Who of the voice over industry, conducting interviews through audio and video with legends in the field. Concurrent with his voice-acting career, Jesse is also working on a four-year degree in film production at Biola University. Although his summer holidays may be drawing to a close, Jesse Springer is never far from a microphone, or a high profile interview subject.

Joe Cipriano, known to many as the promo voice on FOX among other stations as well as the announcer for the Emmy and Grammy Award Shows, was the honored guest in Jesse’s most recent interview series currently being podcast on VOX Talk, the #1 Voice Acting Podcast. Joe Cipriano is also a member of the infamous Primetime Voices crew, alongside colleagues Don LaFontaine, George DelHoyo, Dave Fennoy, and Townsend Coleman to name a handful as well as being the sharply dressed spokesperson for Apple’s GarageBand podcast and audio recording software.

The interview had been in the works for a couple of months, originally planned as a video segment for the documentary Jesse is shooting about the greats of voice over, including the likes of Ben Patrick Johnson, a voice artist whom Jesse had interviewed in April 2007. Jesse’s calling to share his newfound knowledge and connection to Joe Cipriano with his peers motivated him to get the process going with an audio interview as a precursor to the video interview.

When asked how the interview got off the ground, Jesse related, “I emailed him (Joe) an MP3 with some questions asking if he would send his responses when he had time to record them. He was in Italy at the time, but had said he'd love to get the answers to me when he returned to LA. He MP3'd those to me a couple of days later, I filled in the gaps and smoothed my end of the dialog over, and that was that.”

In between the Ben Patrick Johnson and Joe Cipriano interviews this summer, Jesse was auditioning daily for voice over jobs, marketing his voice talents and meeting with agents, all the while still attending school and making the grade. His chosen program of study develops integral qualities that merrily correlate with Jesse’s production and voice over work, including networking, interacting with people in the media and maintaining composure, regardless of the situation or who he meets.

Jesse Springer, when asked about working with Joe Cipriano on the interview series, confided, “Joe's an amazing individual. Besides being a very accomplished voice talent who knows the industry well, he is very community oriented. As a 19-year-old voice actor, I look up to people who offer advice and direction for my voiceover career, and Joe is a fine example of just that.”

The three part interview series on VOX Talk is accessible both through the iTunes Podcast Directory by subscription and on the VOX Talk website at Voices.com.

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Jesse Springer, a 19-year old voice actor and native of Seattle, is a rising star in the voice over industry. When Jesse isn’t hitting the books at Biola University in the film department, he uses his voice to make a living and carve a niche for himself as one of the foremost voice actors in his demographic. In his spare time, Jesse contributes to the VOX Talk Podcast at Voices.com, conducts interviews with voiceover artists and works on his highly anticipated documentary featuring great voiceover artists of the current age. Jesse currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

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