New Bible Resources for Symbian Series 60 v3.0 Cell Phones

Olive Tree Bible Software announces the release of dozens of new products for Symbian 60v3 cell phones.

Spokane, WA, August 18, 2007 --( Olive Tree Bible Software announces the release of dozens of new products for Symbian 60v3 cell phones. Symbian 60v3 is one of the newest Symbian operating systems on the market, and it is rapidly expanding. Over the last six months, manufacturers have shipped several million cell phones running this operating system, and new devices continue to be released. Several of the popular phone models (at the time this article was written) that use the Symbian 60v3 operating system are the Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia N73, and Nokia N95. Corresponding with the number of these devices now available world-wide, requests began to come to Olive Tree to provide Bible software that would run on them. The company has met this appeal, furthering its penetration of the handheld market.

Over 80 Bible translations, more than twenty Bible study tools, and dozens of Christian eBooks and daily devotionals are now available for Olive Tree's rapidly growing Symbian 60v3 platform. Recent changes to the BibleReader application included more features and an increased number of available resources. Among the items offered are the NIV, KJV, NKJV, NASB, ESV and ASV Bibles; IVP's Bible Knowledge Commentary, NIV Study Notes, Robertson's Word Pictures, Matthew Henry's Commentary, and other study tools; Daily Light, Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening, and other devotionals; eBooks by numerous authors such as Andrew Murray, Hannah Whitall Smtih, John Bunyan, and Charles Finney. Now you can carry the Bible, several study tools, a devotional, and your favorite eBooks with you on your Symbian series 60v3 cell phone.

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Olive Tree Bible Software provides Bible versions and study tools for Palm OS, Pocket PC, Smartphone and Symbian cell phones, and BlackBerry devices. Web and online Bible search engines are also available. The BibleReader™ application enables users to read Bibles and other resources, quickly navigate to new references, search documents, bookmark passages, create personalized notes, and much more. The company publishes over 100 electronic translations of the Bible, as well as commentaries, dictionaries, devotionals, and Christian eBooks. The Bible is offered in many languages, including Chinese, English, French, German, and Spanish. Original Hebrew and Greek texts with parsing tools are also available. Visit

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Drew Haninger