Fragrance Shop Reduces Cart Abandonment by 10 Per Cent with Postcode Anywhere

Postcode Anywhere helps The Fragrance Shop improve multichannel offering.

Worcester, United Kingdom, May 17, 2013 --( Fragrance retailer, The Fragrance Shop reports it has reduced cart abandonment rates by at least 10 per cent after installing address validation from Postcode Anywhere on their ecommerce site.

The Fragrance Shop also cites Postcode Anywhere’s Store Finder as one of the necessary tools for implementing a multichannel strategy.

Mark Kelly, head of ecommerce at the Fragrance Shop said: “We wanted to ensure that the check-out process was as slick and efficient as possible which has improved the way we collected online payments. The average customer enjoys the experience of browsing different products on-line, but often they find the payment process a bit of an anti-climax so it’s vital that we give site visitors a good user experience.

“After all we want them to come back to us.

“Implementing Postcode Anywhere’s address validation has definitely helped us to both improve and expedite the payment process. We know it has decreased our cart abandonment rates by at least 10 per cent already. Not only that but we are now far more confident that the product will reach the customer’s doorstep.”

Bricks and Clicks

With 140 retail outlets based throughout the length and breadth of the country it was also vital that the Fragrance Shop made provision for people who prefer to shop in-store.

Kelly added: “We needed to maximise on the benefits of the multichannel business model but more importantly we wanted to ensure that every one of our online customers received a good user experience.

“We recognise not everyone wants to shop online so directing them to their nearest store is key. We saw the implementation of Store Finder as a way to help drive our offline customers to their nearest retail outlet.

“Probably about three quarters of our customers using Store Finder research the locations of our stores as they are widely spread across the entire UK. They are representative of a wide demographic so it is important that we look after all of them.

“We needed something that would deliver the best service across our multi-channel market and Postcode Anywhere’s service ticked all the boxes. Not only has the software helped us build up a strong online presence but Store Finder has even helped drive customers to our physical stores too.”

Guy Mucklow, CEO of Postcode Anywhere commented: “The perception is often that consumers are turning their backs on the high street when in fact the modern consumer wants to shop in a variety of different ways.

“Savvy retailers like the Fragrance Shop are embracing the ecommerce revolution by expanding and strengthening their traditional offering into a multichannel approach. They are a fantastic example of a company which has successfully married a bricks-and-mortar business with a sophisticated online presence. Address look-up and Store Finder are discreet but vital functions for this, something their rapid growth is a testament to.”

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Natalie Green