Appetite & Craving Suppressants Now Up to 20% Off

Dr. Chad Prusmack's CravePruTect Nutritional Supplement and WeightLossPruTect Weight Loss Bundle Are Now on Sale for a Limited Time

Appetite & Craving Suppressants Now Up to 20% Off
Highlands Ranch, CO, May 30, 2013 --( PruTectRx, the leader in supplying nutritional supplements to accelerate surgical recovery, optimize daily wellness and to provide natural craving and appetite suppression, today announces that CravePruTect and WeightLossPruTect are now up to 20% off, for a limited time.

CravePruTect: Feed Your Brain, Not Your Body

CravePruTect is a nutritional supplement that reduces cravings by replacing the essential amino acids 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP), DL-Phenylalanine (DLPA) and L-Tyrosine. These amino acids are depleted due to stress and/or a low calorie diet, particularly for those on restricted diets.

* 5-HTP: occurs as a natural precursor to serotonin, and certain serotonin receptors have been shown to reduce appetite
* DLPA: regulates the release of the brain's hunger signaler, cholecystokinin
* L-Tyrosine: counteracts the effects of elevated stress levels, which deplete the body's resources of certain neurotransmitters which suppress appetite

CravePruTect boosts 5-HTP, DLPA and L-Tyrosine levels in the brain, which satisfies our "reward cascade." This feeling of satisfaction keeps you from craving calorie-rich carbohydrates, alcohol and other things that we do not need.

WeightLossPruTect: CravePruTect + WeightPruTect

The product bundle, WeightLossPruTect, consists of two PruTectRx nutritional supplements: CravePruTect and WeightPruTect.

WeightPruTect consists of highly potent green tea extract (600 mg), which helps to suppress your appetite and increase your body's metabolism, giving you a thermogenic metabolism boost. Each WeightPruTect capsule is equivalent to drinking about 10 cups of green tea.

On Sale Now

A 60-day supply of CravePruTect is now available for $31.95 (you save $8 or 20%). A 60-day supply of WeightLossPruTect is now available for $89.95 (you save $19.90 or 18%). Both nutritional supplements are sold exclusively on

About PruTectRx

To provide greater public access to the highest quality and most effective nutritional supplements to accelerate recovery from surgery and to optimize daily wellness, Dr. Chad Prusmack, MD, created the PruTect Series. Available exclusively on, the PruTect Series features GMP certified, all natural, gluten-free nutritional supplements used personally used by Dr. Prusmack and which he also recommends to his patients, highlighted by SurgiPack and WellnessPruTect. For more information about the PruTect Series line of nutritional supplements, please visit
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