AdvaCare Announces Two New Products

AdvaCare is once again expanding its lists of products in an effort to better cater to patients and distributors. Sanitary pads and colostomy bags have been added to our existing array of medical supplies.

Shanghai, China, June 02, 2013 --( This summer AdvaCare is pleased to introduce 2 new additions to its extensive range of medical supplies: Female Sanitary Pads (Sanitary Napkins) and Colostomy Bags (Ostomy Bags).

Female Sanitary Pads (Sanitary Napkins)

· Sanitary Pads come in different lengths, thicknesses and features catering to the different needs of women and adolescent girls. Panty liners, thin, thick, maxi, regular, wings, night-use and maternity all describe the range of possibilities in Sanitary Pads. For example thin pads offer greater comfort while maternity pads fulfill a more medical function, absorbing the bleeding (lochia) that frequently occurs after childbirth or vaginal surgery. The availability of Sanitary Pads in the developing nations is a positive step towards the emancipation and empowerment of women. Accordingly, the United Nations Children’s Fund estimates that ten percent of school-age African girls do not attend school during menstruation or drop out entirely because of a lack of hygiene options. Compounding this problem is the lack of sex education to properly understand menstruation and the difficulty of consulting their teachers who are often adult males. Poor attendance results in girls lagging behind in education and the perpetual cycle of ignorance and poverty. In support of this cause, AdvaCare endeavors to be an agent of change by delivering quality sanitary products at affordable prices to the regions that need them most.

Colostomy Bags (Ostomy Bags)
· Colostomy Bags are pouches used to contain fecal material leaving the human body through a stoma, which is the dissected end of the large intestine that has been redirected from the anus to usually the anterior abdominal wall. Colostomy, the procedure is performed in the case of colon cancer or other forms of injuries or diseases of the colon that render the passing of feces through the anus impossible. The wearing of a Colostomy Bag traditionally presents issues of convenience and potential social embarrassment that reduce a patient’s quality of life. AdvaCare ensures that the Colostomy Bag it carries come with quality base plates to firmly secure the pouches in place preventing accidental dislodgement. Hypoallergenic and soft materials provide comfort to the skin. Digestion results in the natural production of pungent gases. Colostomy Bags become bloated if this gas is not released. Advacare’s Colostomy Bags are carbon filtered to remove odors before the digestive gases are released ensuring maximum discretion.

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Bradley Johnson