GlacialPower Announces Six New GP-LP060P Constant Current and Constant Voltage DC 4-Step Dimming LED Drivers

GlacialPower introduces six new DC 4-Step Dimming LED Drivers — GP-LP060P — 4-Step Dimming Without a Dimme.

Taipei, Taiwan, June 06, 2013 --( GlacialPower, a division of the Taiwanese technology manufacturer, GlacialTech Inc., is pleased to announce six new constant current and constant voltage GlacialPower step dimming GP-LP060P LED drivers. The six drivers cover the entire DC output range of 12V to 57V DC and deliver up to 60W of power to the LED. All the drivers have been designed for LED lights.

The DC voltage output of each GP-LP060P step dimming LED driver is as follows:

-GP-LP060P-12SC/SV (DC voltage range of 8-12V)
-GP-LP060P-24SC/SV (DC voltage range of 18-24V)
-GP-LP060P-28SC/SV (DC voltage range of 20-28V)
-GP-LP060P-36SC/SV (DC voltage range of 24-36V)
-GP-LP060P-48SC/SV (DC voltage range of 36-48V)
-GP-LP060P-57SC/SV (DC voltage range of 48-57V)

The step dimming function for constant current and constant voltage can be conveniently controlled through the AC power switch. There are four different dimming levels, which can be controlled by switching the light on and off within one second. When the power is switched on the light will have full luminosity, when it is turned off and on again for the first time the luminosity will reduce to 70%, the second time to 45%, and the third time to 15%.

The drivers have a power conversion efficiency rate of up to 86%, which makes them highly energy-efficient. The AC input range of the drivers ranges from 90 to 305V AC and the DC input range of the drivers ranges from 127V to 430V DC, making the drivers an ideal option for practically all usage environments.

Further, true to the name of GlacialPower, these new step dimming LED drivers are highly secure. The drivers have an IP67 approved fully isolated casing as well as four different protections: Over-Temperature Protection (OTP), Over Current Protection (OCP), Short-Circuit Protection (SCP) and Over Voltage Protection (OVP).

GlacialPower's R&D team has developed these LED drivers to eliminate the need for electronic transformers, aiming to provide more energy-saving and environmentally-friendly LED products. GlacialPower's LED driver technology is expected to lead a new trend in innovation and become an essential feature for all LED lighting products.


-Fully isolated case
-Universal AC input 90 ~ 305V AC
-For usage with constant current and constant voltage
-Built-in two stage active PFC (Power Factor Correction) function
-High power conversion efficiency: up to 86%
-Protection: OTP / OCP / SCP / OVP
-IP67 approved
-Class 2 power supply unit

Note: GP-LP060P-□SC for constant current step dimming, GP-LP060P-□SV for constant voltage step dimming.

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