Blood Bag Market in Developing Countries (AdvaCare Pharma)

AdvaCare is currently on a campaign to find distributors for Blood Transfusion Bag (Blood Bags) in developing countries.

Shanghai, China, June 23, 2013 --( As a blood bag manufacturer AdvaCare sells single blood bags, used for storage and collection of whole blood, and multiple bags (double, triple, quadruple bags) which allow for separation of the different components that make up whole blood. Blood bags are used in the blood transfusion process, which involves taking blood from one person (the donor) and giving it to someone else. Common reasons for blood transfusions include replacing blood lost during a severe accident, major surgery, or childbirth, and treating anemia which is a condition where a person has low levels of red blood cells.

Advances in technology and the growing awareness of disease transmission through blood transfusions have resulted in innovations in blood collection and storage such as non-peel off labels making it an important feature for traceability (identification and labeling process). PVC blood bags, compared to glass bottles previously used, have the benefit of extending the shelf life of blood and blood products.

The Market for Blood Bags

In developing countries, there are a lot of opportunities for distributors to import blood bags from AdvaCare Pharma. While in the global market, hospitals and healthcare institutions are the strongest end-users with over 60% of total demand, in India, for example, over 95 percent of blood bags are sold to national blood banks, meaning less than 5 percent going to hospitals for use in the transfusion process. Nine million blood bags were sold in India in 2011, and it’s been estimated that 66% of blood bags are supplied by NACO, mainly to government and voluntary blood banks. These institutions buy in bulk often using annual tenders, giving them significant power in negotiations. The purchase of large volumes and requirement for secure contracts give way to the necessity for tenders, providing a significant barrier to new entrant suppliers that may lack scale.

According to a recent UN report, India will overtake China to become the world’s most populous nation by 2028. As medical standards improve, a huge expansion in the demand for blood bags is expected. This will be a trend seen across other developing nations. Blood donation rates for example, are considerably less in developing countries when compared to transitional countries, which have a donation rate 3 times higher and 13 times higher in developed countries. Over time, as blood donation rates in developing countries increase, so too will demand for blood bags. In fact, some markets are already ripe for blood bag suppliers such as South Africa and Sri Lanka where there are government programs to enroll blood donors. The global medical specialty bags market, which includes blood bags, is expected to reach an estimated value of 8.3 billion USD by 2018.

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