Online-Devices Announces the New Industrial Relay Controller with an AcC Monitoring Input

The new module IA-3178H-U2i, manufactured by Intelligent-Appliance, is a 32 Channels Industrial Relay Controller, with 32 Power Relays, and Isolated AC Voltage Input for Line Monitoring Manufactured by Intelligent-Appliance.

Houston, TX, July 10, 2013 --( Each relay has a Contact Rating of over 10Amp @ 30VDC, and over 10Amp @ 240VAC. Each relay is of SPDT kind, one Change-Over, while it may be used as a DPDT, two Change-Over, set by software and internal logic.

The IA-3178H-U2i includes an Isolated USB port and two Watchdog circuits. The USB port isolation task is avoiding Ground Loops and EMI/RFI Interference, while the second Watchdog task is better defined and secured treatment of PC and Communication failures.

The IA-3178H-U2i is supported by Microsoft Studio Class Library, National Instruments LabView Drivers and various open code software examples.

The IA-3178H-U2i can be controlled by a USB port or by an RS-232 port, while it can be easily and transparently chained to other Intelligent-Appliance Series-3000 products.

Open code sample programs, set-up utilities, detailed manual and USB Drivers for all MS Operation Systems, Linux and MAC are attached to all Intelligent-Appliance products, ensuring a fast and easy System Implementation.

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