Anchor Announces Early Bird Football Package and Explains Unprecedented Optimism

Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy’s GodsTips, the anchor of has released the 2013 Early Bird Special for college and pro football. Most importantly, Duffy has specific and considerable reasons to assert his best football season ever lies ahead.

Atlanta, GA, July 12, 2013 --( GodsTips has released their NFL and college football Early Bird Special for 2013. The pick pack encompasses all preseason NFL, regular season college and NFL, college football bowl games through the BCS Championship, and NFL postseason through Super Bowl XLVIII.

Long-time NFL handicapper Joe Duffy explains why he is supremely confident a noteworthy handicapping adjustment made during basketball season will pay equal dividends in football betting.

“At GodsTips, we ordered an internal audit of our picks. We wanted to find if there was a clear-cut pattern as to when, why, and how our picks won. We studied the records and analysis with each pick,” Duffy said.

“We scoured over years and years of data, picks, and intel used to support the bets. Many times we hit 60-70 percent over thousands of games, other times in the lower to mid 50 percentile,” he noticed.

What was the conclusion? Explains Duffy, “In short, the most apparent deviation was when we allowed technology to supersede old-fashioned time-proven metrics.” He elaborated that too often, computer systems, simulators, power ratings and the like cancelled out authenticated methods such as spots and situations, including, but not limited to motivation, scheduling dynamics, letdowns, and look ahead situations just to name a few.

Duffy reassures, “Technology will continue to enhance our winners, just no longer supersede the most important lead indicators.” More modern methods will be used as corroboration.

Also the CEO of, Duffy said only half-jokingly, “The audit showed there is so much truth in the old saying, ‘The more things change, the more they stay the same,’ that is for sure.”

The price for the package remains no higher than it has been for years at $1,449 for the entire football season.

Duffy is a 25-year veteran in sports handicapping, going back to the scorephones 900-numbers. He is an Amazon best selling author for his eBook Sports Betting Secrets, Handicapping Myths, Wagering Tips as well as host of the sports betting YouTube channel, sports handicapping podcaster, and author of dozens of articles on sports betting strategy. The editorials have been featured on such popular websites as Bleacher Report and Examiner. The CBC and Atlanta Journal & Constitution are among many media outlets that have quoted him.

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