Achieve Professional Rehabilitation for Ankle Sprains at Burrard Physiotherapy Clinic

Vancouver, Canada, July 31, 2013 --( Vancouver, BC-based massage therapy clinic Burrard Physiotherapy is now offering assessment and treatment services for clients with ankle sprains at their cutting-edge facility. In treating ankle sprains, the clinic’s highly qualified staff will first assess and diagnose the severity of the patient’s ankle injury and then immediately begin building a treatment plan that plots the appropriate steps for maximum rehabilitation progress.

The most important element of any massage-based treatment program for injuries is speed-of-diagnosis. By working quickly to assess patients, qualified massage therapy professionals can then begin creating a customized treatment plan that takes into consideration the patient’s body-type and the severity of their injury. It’s this level of professionalism patients have come to expect from the team at Vancouver-based clinic Burrard Physiotherapy. And now the clinic is offering their in-house expertise for the swift resolution of ankle injuries.

When a patient first visits Burrard Physiotherapy with an ankle-related problem, they will be immediately assessed by one of the clinic’s in-house experts. The clinic’s team will then design a rehabilitation program for the patient that allows for maximum pain relief and injury improvement in a consolidated timeframe. After this professional assessment process, Burrard Physiotherapy therapists will utilize electrotherapy such as ultrasound and interferential muscle stimulation to improve the speed of healing. By speeding-up the healing process, therapists can then begin patients on a program of exercise-based rehabilitation that helps to improve ankle motion flexibility.

Long-term success with any injury rehabilitation program requires prompt diagnosis. Speak with the experts at the Burrard Physiotherapy clinic to learn more about their latest services or visit their clinic website at learn more.
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Kerry Maxwell