Surgical Face Masks: AdvaCare Detects Rise in Global Demand

AdvaCare has detected a rise in global demand for its surgical face masks. This comes at the same time as recent headlines from Singapore which highlight the problem of pollution in South East Asia, including Indonesia and Malaysia. The market size for surgical face masks has expanded rapidly with individual consumers now becoming more conscious about their health. Medical supplies distributors, such as pharmacies and medical centers, should maintain ample stock of AdvaCare’s surgical face masks

Costa Mesa, CA, August 01, 2013 --( Pharmaceutical, veterinary and medical supplies manufacturer AdvaCare Pharma detected a rise in the global demand for surgical face masks. During the first half of 2013, AdvaCare received an increased number of inquiries for this product which represents the continuation of a long-term trend.

While surgical face masks are classically seen in operating rooms, in recent years the market has expanded to include individual consumers. Surgical face masks are worn widely by the general public during airborne disease pandemics such as swine flu and SARS, and have become a feature of commuter culture in many East-Asian cities. In China and Singapore, many people use them as a response to the hazardous levels of smog and pollution. City residents and cyclists see them as providing protection against long-term respiratory problems. Earlier this year, during a period of particularly bad haze, Watson’s Pharmacy (2013) reported that in Singapore saw sales of face masks in its stores rise by 80%. During such cases, many distributors find themselves with insufficient stock levels and unresponsive supply chains. Through its global operations and active marketing department who monitor changes in market conditions, AdvaCare remains a reliable surgical face mask manufacturer and is able to respond quickly to sudden spikes in demand.

Surgical face masks are an important product used by surgeons, doctors and nurses to help prevent the spread of germs from noses and mouths into patients’ wounds, reducing the number of postoperative wound infections. By wearing this product, medical personnel can also protect other people from catching flu, since coughs and sneezes release tiny drops of moisture particles into the air. AdvaCare surgical face masks are loose-fitting, covering the nose and mouth, and are attached with ear loops or ties. AdvaCare surgical face masks are CE and USFDA approved and made with the highest quality materials, disposable and guaranteed sterile. Disposable face masks are more convenient than washable masks which would require cleaning after every use, which also increases the risk of contamination.
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Bradley Johnson