New Christian Book Will Turn Believers Into Walking "John 3:16" Billboards

New John 3:16 Campaign will be released 9/11/07. Online Christian Shopper is in no way associated with or related to Max Lucado.

Rochester Hills, MI, September 04, 2007 --( Just as TV sports shows often show fans sporting “John 3:16” signs, the public will soon be seeing a lot of people wearing John 3:16 Christian T-Shirts. Why? Because of a new book about to be released by best-selling Christian author and pastor Max Lucado about what is probably the best known verse in the Bible.

The release of the book is accompanied by a marketing campaign of book-themed John 3:16 Christian hats, DVDs, shirts and bumper stickers. “The shirts are very powerful,” says Online Christian Shopper retailer Mike Fletcher, whose Christian clothing Internet Web store ( is featuring three different versions of the shirt and two different hat styles. “Christians will use this book and these shirts and hats as a great conversation starter for evangelism.” This marketing campaign is handled by Online Christian Shopper and is in no way associated with Max Lucado.

With over 50 books written and an amazing 50 million copies printed, Max Lucado is regarded as one of today’s top Christian writers. And his new book was chosen to be released on 9/11 for a reason.

For 9/11 are numbers of despair and are in stark contrast to the John 3:16 scripture verses in the New Testament, which Lucado calls “The Numbers of Hope.” Lucado thinks so highly of this verse that he calls it the "Hope Diamond" of scripture.

The Bible verse, John 3:16 reads “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life,” and has been a mainstay of Christian evangelism for some 2,000 years.

The book takes that verse and runs with it. The Numbers Of Hope was written for those that are very familiar with the Bible and worship Christ, and for those that know little about the Bible and do not actively believe in Him. It is written to help show the reader why it is so important to understand and live in the light of the words of John 3:16.

Lucado accurately interprets the gospel as he discusses the work of Jesus and his importance to man. The book goes into man’s free will and how God gives us this will and does not force His will upon us.

The book emphasizes that there is only one God and that Christ is the only way to Heaven. Lucado also discusses that Hell is real and goes into detail about the horrors of Hell and the joy of Heaven.

There are twelve chapters in The Numbers of Hope which deal with the verse in a way that is easy to understand and effectively communicates its message. The book concludes with 40 brief readings that are intended to be a part of a 40 day devotional. These readings are taken from Lucado’s previous books.
“Lucado has a way of telling the stories of the Bible in a way that resonates with people,” says Fletcher, the Christian online retailer. “We started getting orders for the shirts three weeks before the book will be released, that’s how excited the Christian community is about this book.”

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Online Christian Shopper is in no way associated with or related to Max Lucado.

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