One Small Business Owner at a Time: Base® Reaches 100,000 Accounts

Base®, an employee benefit administrator, located in Adel, IA, celebrated an important milestone -- reaching its 100,000th account enrolled. Since opening its doors for business in 1999, Base® has helped small business owners save an average of $3,800 annually with the Base® 105 HRA. More recently, Base® expanded its product portfolio to offer the Base® Group HRA, the Base® 125 FSA and the Base® Premium Only Plan to meet the needs of small- to medium-sized businesses.

Adel, IA, September 03, 2007 --( Today, Base® announced the enrollment of its 100,000th account coming just eight years after the company was founded in 1999. The rapid growth reflects Base®'s emergence as an industry leader in small business benefit administration. With the recent expansion of its product portfolio and online service offerings, Base® is poised to help an even greater number of small business owners across the United States deal with the rising cost of health care in the years to come.

The Base® 105 Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) has been the foundation of the company's product offerings since 1999. This program has helped small business owners average $3,800 in tax savings annually by deducting up-to 100% of qualified out-of-pocket medical expenses and insurance premiums. Base® also offers clients both a secure online portal to document reimbursed medical expenses and a highly trained customer service team to provide telephone support for the duration of the plan. All medical expenses are adjudicated at year's end to ensure deductibility as required by law and under IRS Code § 213. Clients also receive all necessary paperwork to support the deduction on their business tax return as required by the IRS, the Department of Labor, and ERISA.

"There is a consensus lately in America to improve customer service. Where most companies have reactive customer service, Base® has built a proactive department," said Base® client Catherine Herron-Mathews. "Each plan is addressed in its entirety as opposed to dealing specifically with just one question. Working with Base® has been a terrific experience, and I would recommend their services to any small business owner."

Base® recently expanded its product portfolio with the addition of the Base® Group HRA, the Base® 125 Flexible Spending Account (FSA), and the Base® Premium Only Plan (POP). The new products are available to small- to medium-sized business owners who are seeking ways to provide their employees with additional benefits. The products can be used individually or can be utilized in conjunction with one another to provide even greater tax savings to the employer while giving employees another way to help pay for the high cost of health care.

Through the combination of superior product offerings, exceptional customer service and advanced online offerings, Base® has been able to provide over 100,000 accounts with substantial tax savings in just eight short years.

"This is a significant milestone in the history of our company," said Base® President Terry Harrington. "We are proud to have made the first 100,000 accounts such a success. With more hard work, we hope to bring tremendous tax savings to even more small business owners."

About Base®:
Established in 1999, Base® is one of the nation’s leading employee benefit administrators. Base® offers a variety of tax savings plans for small businesses, including the popular 105 Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) and the 125 Flexible Spending Account (FSA). To find out more about HRAs, FSAs and other employee benefit plans visit today or contact a Benefit Specialist at 888-386-9680.

Terry Harrington