MLS® Laser Therapy by ASA: The New Frontier in Horses and Small Pets Care

Already adopted by prestigious U.S and European veterinary clinics, ASA laser therapy comes to the classrooms of some of the most important Latin American Universities: Veterinary is increasingly interested in laser use for the treatment of common diseases of pets and horses.

Arcugnano, Vicenza, Italy, August 08, 2013 --( The last in order of time to open their classrooms to ASA MLS® Laser Therapy in veterinary field have been three of the most popular Colombian Universities (University de la Salle, Universidad de Ciencias Ambientales Aplicadas for UDCA and Universidad Nacional de Bogota) where ASA veterinary staff (veterinary division of ASA laser) has provided to teachers and students a theoretical introduction of the therapy and a practical session dedicated to the treatment of horses and dogs diseases. The interest shown and the request of details about application protocols and MLS® benefits open important scenarios for laser’s use in equines and pets in Latin America. The Colombian positive result is added to those already obtained in America and Europe, where MLS® has been part of daily outpatient practices. "Specialist of the field are paving the way to use of laser therapy in veterinary medicine," said Lucio Zaghetto, CEO of ASA laser, "they are interested in understanding the dynamics of laser’s use and its implications for the animal. The absence of contraindications and speed of application, together with objective evidence in the treatment of disease have acted as sounding boards to MLS® effectiveness. This is confirmed by the participation of experts in the conferences held by our staff during the training session of AGROEXPO, one of the most important fairs in South America."

The academic attention has gone hand in hand with that of some local opinion leaders, curious to learn more about the therapy. From Venezuela to Ecuador, passing through Mexico, MLS® has the opportunity to achieve a leading role. "The veterinary world," continues Zaghetto, "is even more interested in evaluating new scenarios to improve the quality of patient care and well-being. Laser therapy goes in this direction: it isn’t a coincidence if centers and veterinary clinics among the most popular in the world are already using it in their therapies. Just an example: the Animal Care Center of the Busch Gardens Tempa Bay, a theme park in Florida with over 300 exotic endangered species, has chosen MLS® for animals care."

From USA to Europe is a short step. In France, Belgium and England, the number of veterinary clinics with ASA laser devices for MLS® Laser Therapy for the treatment of diseases of pets, equines and exotic species is growing. "The Mphi Vet device," concludes Zaghetto, "has been chosen by well-known specialists like Dr. Roberta Burdisso, at the Parisian clinic of Dr. Obadiah Bois Colombe, Dr. Albert Snijders of Dierenartsen praktijk Snijders clinic of Hoeilaart in Belgium and Dr. Graham Oliver of East Midlands Referrals clinic in Hucknall, UK."
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