Scott Hove, Las Vegas Author and Speaker, Announces Upcoming Book

Scott Hove, a Las Vegas, NV (USA) based advisor, author and speaker announced the launch of a world-first diet book.

Las Vegas, NV, August 08, 2013 --( Scott Hove, a Las Vegas based author and speaker, has just announced September 4, 2013 as the release date of what he claims is “the world’s first diet book that is simply a story.”

It is the simplicity of the concept, Scott Hove says, that will allow this book to help people who are struggling with weight loss or weight loss maintenance.

To be released initially as an ebook, the title of the weight loss ebook is “The Split Second Diet!” According to Hove, the most important element in losing weight and/or keeping weight loss off is not the food we eat but the mindset we incorporate.

“As someone who has had to battle weight issues my entire life, I finally realized that there was one thing more important than anything else and that was how I think,” Hove said. “And, as I thought about my own issues over the last few decades I realized that most of the good and bad decisions I made when it came to food choices happened quickly; thus, 'The Split Second Diet'.”

Having tried many diets over the years, Hove, like millions of people who struggle with weight and lose it only to gain it back came to the conclusion that most people know what to do but need some triggers to make the right choices when it would be easier not to.

“If someone sees me today, they probably wouldn’t think I am the author of an upcoming diet book since I am not stick thin or have an athletic build; but I am like most people who struggle with weight. The driving factor for me in keeping weight off which I have done successfully for the last ten years or so is the fact that I am a father later in life and I want to see my son grow up and become an adult.”

Hove says that his son is the purpose for his weight loss maintenance and this is a key concept taught in the parable diet book.
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