Spotlights the Rise of Facial Recognition Technology

A big-data boon for both security and commerce.

New York, NY, August 28, 2013 --(, the crowd-sourced social trends website, is reporting on the rapid increase in the use of facial recognition technology for purposes ranging from crowd control to in-store sales. In short, the technology uses cameras to map a person's face in real-time, then make an identification by comparing the digital data to an existing database.

Governments and industry are looking to use the technology for a variety of purposes, ranging from security at airports and biometric identification at workplaces, to identifying individual shoppers in retail stores.

In Dublin, facial recognition algorithms are being used to reduce wait times at immigration counters by automatically sorting citizens and visitors. In Finland, a new payment system recognizes customer's smiles, thus replacing cash and credit cards. And in the United Kingdom some stores are recognizing shoppers thanks to cameras linked to Facebook. According to, developers are honing the technology to help hotels, restaurants, and corporations be notified when a VIP unexpectedly walks through the door.

"The trend of employing facial recognition technology is having a major impact on the way organizations and businesses associate with their clientele," says Daniel Levine, a trends expert and public speaker who is the Global Editor of Yet, the trend is not without its drawbacks, as many have voiced concerns over privacy. Says Levine, "Assuming the public can see benefits of this technology over and above the privacy concerns that will also surely arise, the future of facial recognition technology is really quite exciting."

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