Bank Sales Training Webinar Hosted by Clarity Advantage to Focus on Creating Future Sales Opportunities

Consulting and bank sales training firm Clarity Advantage will share how bankers can increase their sales results by addressing business owners’ future challenges in a complimentary webinar on Thursday, September 26, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT.

Concord, MA, September 16, 2013 --( “Solving prospects’ or clients’ current problems generates sales for business bankers, but favors current providers and price grinding,” says Nick Miller, president of consulting and bank sales training firm, Clarity Advantage. “Helping prospects or clients position, anticipate, and prepare to address future challenges earns bankers higher confidence, trust, and looks the next time.”

On September 26, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT, Clarity Advantage will host a complimentary, 30-minute webinar entitled Future Perfect: Smart Strategies for Creating Tomorrow’s Sales Opportunities. The webinar will help bankers focus on the future by building their knowledge of what happens when companies grow, or entrepreneurs get older, or competitors change; then use that knowledge to lead conversations that demonstrate value, differentiate themselves and their banks, and attract new business.

Hosted by Miller, Future Perfect: Smart Strategies for Creating Tomorrow’s Sales Opportunities will benefit business bankers, small business bankers, branch managers, and other bank sales people. The webinar will focus on:

- Preparing for “future” conversations
- Positioning a “future” conversation
- Focusing “future” conversations through questions and transitions
- Generating high-value questions

“Helping business owners anticipate and prepare for the future leads bankers to conversations that current providers may not have had and gives them the opportunity for creative problem solving rather than vendor displacement selling,” says Miller. “In this webinar, we will share ‘future questions’ asked by the most effective sales people and how bankers can use them to improve their conversations with business owners.”

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About Clarity Advantage: Consulting and bank sales training firm Clarity Advantage helps banks generate more profitable relationships faster with small and medium-sized companies, their owners, and employees. Clarity consulting, communications, sales tools and training help banks recruit and deploy sales team members, choose their best business and consumer prospects and clients, then approach, engage, sell, expand, and retain relationships. Clarity also assists banks with consumer sales and cash management sales. Clarity clients have posted increases in household penetration, cross-sells, deposit volume, and loan volume. Visitors to Clarity’s website,, can subscribe to “The Weekly Sales Thought,” a free eNewsletter and podcast focused on business-to-business selling and sales management.
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