Trends Guru Daniel Levine (The Avant-Guide Institute) Reports on the Growing Trend of Nail Art

The trends expert explores the diversifying field of nail polish

New York, NY, September 18, 2013 --( Nail polish is being taken to the extreme and a number of new products are being enthusiastically embraced by stylish women everywhere, says Daniel Levine, a leading trends expert and keynote speaker.

Little bottles of colorful nail paint have been a staple of women's cosmetic repertoire for decades, but now, demand is growing for flashier nail coverings that in many cases veer into the category of art.

In the polish category, we are seeing speckled paints and those that glow in the dark. There are polishes in metallic, like gold and silver, and there are candy-scented polishes so nails can both scratch and be sniffed. There are new polishes that dry into a suede-like covering that give fingers an eye-catching leather finish, and there are new "mood polishes" made of heat-sensitive materials that change colors as fingers grow warmer or colder.

"The trend towards more unusual types of nail polish is part of a larger trend in which consumers are looking to be unique and show their individuality," says Levine. "Nail polish gets women noticed and they are looking for accessories that help them stand out from the crowd."

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