Roquetas de Mar Attracts Spanish Language Learners

More Spanish language students are choosing to combine beach holidays with Spanish courses in Roquetas de Mar.

Roquetas de Mar, Spain, September 12, 2007 --( Traditionally Spanish language learners have headed to the cultural centres of Spain - Salamanca, Granada, Barcelona or Madrid. Increasingly, however, students of Spanish are opting to combine beach and activity holidays with Spanish courses along the coast of Spain.

Roquetas de Mar, on the Mediterranean coast of Almería province in the southeast corner of Spain, has seen a dramatic increase in the number of visiting language students. "We have seen a 90% increase in student numbers over the last 18 months," says Graeme Black, Marketing Director of Comunicación Language School in Roquetas.

Roquetas de Mar is seen as an excellent location because of the high number of Spanish tourists, as well as good beaches. Around 60% of tourists in Roquetas originate within Spain, from inland towns and cities such as Jaen and Madrid, making practicing your Spanish easy.

"My two week language holiday cost less than 1,000€, including flights and accommodation with a Spanish host family," said Pauline Singleton from the UK. "I learned to windsurf and got a tan into the bargain."

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