Creative Biomart is Going to Sign Luciferase Supply Agreement with Kasain Laboratory

Shirley, NY, September 22, 2013 --( After a long-term contact and discussion, Creative Biomart finally agrees to sign a Luciferase supply agreement with Kasain Laboratory, especially Native Vibrio fischeri Luciferase ( until Kasain finishes its study projects. The official signing ceremony will held on Oct. 1.

According to protocols, Luciferase from Vibrio fischeri has been used in a study to assess kinetics of light emission and oxygen consumption by bioluminescent bacteria. It has also been used in a study to investigate the sensitivity of dark mutants of various strains of luminescent bacteria to reactive oxygen species.

“We’ve tested Creative Biomart’s products and of course compared their product with similar companies’ before we decide to reach the agreement, we feel quite satisfied about their product quality and price and their expert support almost at any times. I hope we will have more cooperation in future,” the project director, Ritchie, said.

About Native Vibrio fischeri Luciferase
Native luciferase was purified from Vibrio fischeri. Partially purified, soluble extracts containing FMN-dependent luciferase and NADH- and NADPH-dependent FMN reductases. It produces light in a system containing FMN, NADH or NADPH, and n-decyl aldehyde.

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