Creative BioMart to Expand Its Protein Glycosylation Labeling Service Capacity to Meet Rising Demands

Creative BioMart, a global leader in the supply of high quality protein products and efficient protein manufacturing techniques, today announced a major expansion of its Protein Glycosylation Labeling Service capacities as a response to rising customer needs and market demands for characterizing... - November 26, 2017

Creative BioMart Introduces Oxidative Stress Assay

Creative BioMart, a global leader in the supply of innovative protein research tools and services announced today that it has launched exclusive Oxidative Stress Assay for use in studying many forms of pathophysiology generally associated with aging. Oxidative stress can reflect a disturbance... - June 07, 2015

Creative Biomart Launches an Intuitive New Website Design to Enhance User Experience

Creative Biomart Launches an Intuitive New Website Design to Enhance User Experience

Creative Biomart, the leading company in the supply of diagnostic antigens and antibodies, pharmaceutical enzymes, diagnostic enzymes, and high-quality recombinant proteins has launched an intuitive new website design as well as coupon promotion. - April 29, 2015

Good News - Creative Biomart Newly Introduced Fucose-Free Protein Expression System

Creative Biomart, a world leading biotech company that specializes in providing advanced tolls for protein expression and purification, today has officially announced its release of novel service--Fucose-free Protein Expression System. According to its official speaker, this service is supported by... - January 07, 2015

Creative Biomart Launches Special Promotion for Christmas and New Year

Creative Biomart, a world leading biotech company that provides recombinant proteins, enzymes and other quality products and services for customers all over the world, has announced today that they would launch a special promotion for Christmas and New year in this very day. According to its... - December 25, 2014

Creative Biomart Newly Introduced Multiplex Protein Detect Assay

Creative Biomart, a world leading biotech company and the commitment of which is to improving people’s life by assisting scientists with their research, has announced today for its official release of Multiplex Protein Detect Assay Service. This release was said to provide better protein... - December 21, 2014

Creative Biomart’s Most-Favored Services List is Available Now

Creative Biomart, a world leading biotech company that offers recombinant proteins, antibodies, antigens and a wide range of biotech services worldwide, today has released its most favored services list officially. It was said that this was done to make them have a better understanding of what... - November 22, 2014

Enzyme Activity Assay Service Are Available in Creative Biomart

Creative Biomart, a world leading supplier of recombinant proteins, antibodies, enzymes and other biotech services for the research community in the field of biology, has announced today for its official release of the novel service-- Enzyme activity assay. This assay is in the aim of assisting... - November 06, 2014

Creative Biomart Newly Introduced It’s Fc Fusion Protein Production Service

Creative Biomart, a word leading Biotech Company had newly released its novel service of Fc Fusion Protein Production Service in the aim of providing more choices for the scientists conducting biomedical and immunology research. The potential clinical application of cytokins to modulate immune... - October 10, 2014

Creative Biomart Morning Talk for Mutagenesis Services

Creative BioMart, a world leading Biotech Company, has conducted a morning talk to discuss its mutagenesis. This talk lasted for nearly one hour. Mutagenesis is a fundamentally important DNA manipulation technique. It involves changing the base sequence of the DNA molecule, usually for the... - September 18, 2014

Creative Biomart Newly Introduced Its Stable Cell Line Service

Creative Biomart today has given an announcement that they would release their new service-stable cell line service in this very day to meet their customer’s need. Stable cell lines are essential for protein and antibody and cell-based assays. But the processes required for the generation of... - September 11, 2014

Creative Biomart Newly Released a Bunch of Over-Expression Lysates

Official marketing staff of Creative Biomart has announced today of their new products release for over-expression lysates. According to its official announcement, this new release is mainly an enhancement of their lysates product. Nearly 9,000 of products have been added in this launch such as... - September 02, 2014

Creative Biomart Introduced Immobilized Enzyme Service

On August 24, 2014, Creative Biomart has introduced their novel service of immobilized enzymes. This novel service is based on a revolutionary new platform, combining affinity tag binding with inert porous materials, designed especially for biocatalysis application in any organic solvent or... - August 27, 2014

Creative Biomart Launches Novel Service for Protein Labeling

On August 18, Creative Biomart had launched a novel service that is site-specific and custom labeling for protein labeling. This new service includes C-terminal labeling, N-terminal labeling, and Labeling at glycosylation sites. The launch of the site-specific and custom labeling service was said... - August 22, 2014

Cheers—Creative Biomart Launches High-Throughput Protein Production

The marketing chief staff of Creative Biomart has announced today that they will release the high-throughput protein production service on this very day in the aim of helping speed up their customer’s protein production project. Protein expression is widely used in the production of... - August 22, 2014

Creative Biomart Signed Industrial Enzymes Agreement

Creative Biomart signed an Industrial Enzymes Agreement with a UK Industrial giant (the name of the company is not allowed to be exposed according to the agreement). On the basis of this agreement, Creative Biomart is going to provide High-temperature Alpha-amylase for beer, Mid-temperature... - August 20, 2014

Creative Biomart Launches New Services: Protein Labeling & Conjugation

Creative Biomart has announced the launch of a new offering for protein labeling and conjugation. - March 13, 2014

Creative Biomart Releases New Recombinant Protein Products-Human MET Mutants

Creative Biomart announces that it has launched a series of new recombinant human MET mutants. - January 11, 2014

Creative Biomart Introduces New Elisa Kits to Offer More Convenient and Effective Solutions

In the early November, Creative Biomart decided to introduce new Elisa Kits which include Developmental proteins ELISA kits, Granzymes and perforins ELISA kits and Growth factors/hormones ELISA kits. - November 20, 2013

Creative Biomart Decides to Pump $300 Million to Strengthen Biosimilar Cell Lines Production

Today on the annual department meeting, Creative BioMart announces that it plans to invest more than $300 million to strengthen its biosimilar cell lines production in global range. The domain sectors of Creative BioMart are recombinant proteins, antibodies and enzymes. Several years ago, the... - November 17, 2013

Creative Biomart Announces Commercial Agreement for Services of Biosimilar Cell Lines Manufacturing

Creative Biomart announced today that it has signed a commercial agreement for contract manufacturing pharmaceutical biosimilar cell lines for a big pharma company. - November 10, 2013

Creative Biomart Releases New Products in the Middle of Oct.

In the middle of Oct., Creative Biomart releases a new batch a products, including: Ÿ Recombinant Human MUSK, GST-tagged Ÿ Recombinant Human TIRAP, His-tagged Ÿ Native Mouse Hb Ÿ Recombinant Human NCAM2, GST-tagged Ÿ Recombinant Human NBPF15, His-tagged Ÿ Recombinant... - October 19, 2013

Creative Biomart is Going to Sign Luciferase Supply Agreement with Kasain Laboratory

After a long-term contact and discussion, Creative Biomart finally agrees to sign a Luciferase supply agreement with Kasain Laboratory, especially Native Vibrio fischeri Luciferase ( until Kasain finishes its study projects. The official... - September 22, 2013

Creative Biomart Launches Controlled Randomization Service for Random Nucleotide Substitutions

The GenePowerTM Controlled Randomization technology allows you to accurately direct the effective frequency of random nucleotide substitutions. And unlike error-prone PCR, you decide exactly which part(s) of the gene are affected—randomize the entire open reading frame or confine the mutagenesis to specific regions. - August 24, 2013

Creative Biomart Releases New Antibody Products—Nanobodies

Creative Biomart releases new antibody products, nanobodies, recently. Compared to conventional antibodies, nanobodies also integrate the features of small molecules. - August 18, 2013

Cheers: Researchers Identified New Brain Markers with Creative Biomart’s S100B Antibody

In the study, researchers used the critical products purchased from Creative Biomart. During the process, the serum levels of molecular markers were determined by ELISA using antibodies and antigens from Creative Biomart (New York, NY) (S100B) which you can see in the article. - August 16, 2013

Experts from Creative Biomart Share the Experience on Using Elisa Kits to Improve the Precision of an Assay

There are some issues that researchers might meet in the process of using ELISA Kits. In order to help improve the precision of an assay, Creative Biomart ( experts concluded the following tips for reference. - August 14, 2013

Research Antibody Survey: Creative Biomart Conducted a Survey Among Antibodies Users

In order to direct market and perfect products, Creative Biomart conducted the survey. And the survey results are listed as follows. - August 03, 2013

Creative Biomart Launched Novel Animal-free Recombinant Proteins for Stable Research

The novel animal-free protein production system is more efficient, fast, flexible and cheap compared to transgenic plants recombinant proteins production; the scaling-up compared with bio-reactors is simple and lineal. It doesn't have issues with inclusion bodies as E.coli. - June 28, 2013

Creative Biomart Scientists Found That Shutdown Gene Arih2 May Treat Hepatitis

Arih2 was found within the sentinel dendritic cells of the immune system, which play a vital role in defending intruders. - May 31, 2013

Creative BioMart Funded Research Found Another Anticancer Strategy - Targeting Cyclin D

Researchers successfully silenced abnormal proteins that control cells' growth cycle. - May 10, 2013

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