Outskirts Press is Pleased to Bring You Authority of the Messiah and Authenticity of Missions by Rev. Dr. La Wu.

Jacksonville, FL, September 12, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Outskirts Press is pleased to bring you Authority of the Messiah and Authenticity of Missions by Rev. Dr. La Wu. This insightful book examines the growing trend toward religious pluralism, a movement that is destroying Christianity. Dr. Wu writes:

Today among some extreme liberal theologians there has emerged the philosophy of universal salvation that leads to religious pluralism. This group of people are called “inclusivists” and the basic point of their argument is that God is the creator of the whole universe, so all humankind are his children. Therefore, every religion that seeks relationship with God or every religion that addresses God has passage to his salvation, and Christ’s teaching of himself as the only way should be taken away from the Bible in order that all major religions in the world could get together through interfaith-dialogue… But any trend of thought that chokes or destroys the growth of Christianity should be regarded as heresy. Indeed religious pluralism is the heresy predicted by the Apostle Peter in his second letter…

Dr. Wu asserts the authority of the Messiah from historical perspectives, describes the rise of pluralism in religious thought—particularly how it affects Burma, a country with a persecuted Christian minority—and explains the importance of maintaining and growing missions. Further, he shows how the Bible and evolution are no longer found to be contradictory, but complement each other; the truth he reveals will help bridge the gap between science and faith.

Dr. Wu feels that “Religious pluralism, a bouquet meant to unite different religions in peaceful coexistence, has become the flowers of hemlock that killed Socrates and is killing Christianity by taking away the sole authority of Christ.”

There are many books on missions written by missionaries and mission senders, but what Dr. Wu provides in Authority of the Messiah and Authenticity of Missions is a truly unique perspective—that of mission receivers. Whether in joy or sorrow, whether advantageous or disadvantageous, no one can understand more than the person who personally engages in it how effective missions are. This book will give a rare ray from a hidden race and a hidden society under persecution.

About the Author: Born in Burma, Rev. Dr. La Wu did his doctoral work at Eden Theological Seminary, Saint Louis, Missouri. In his 35-year career in Burma, he served as president of Lisu Bible School, Shwezet, Myitkyina, for 17 years and at Lisu Theological Seminary of Myanmar for 12 years. As the son of an evangelist who worked with missions in China, and being raised and educated under Baptist missions in Burma, Dr. Wu has firsthand knowledge of missionary work and a strong love for the people Burma. It is his hope to further spread the message of Christ to the people of his homeland. He currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida.

Authority of the Messiah and Authenticity of Missions by Rev. Dr. La Wu
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