Burrard Physiotherapy Unveils New Website for Clients

Vancouver, Canada, October 04, 2013 --(PR.com)-- With over 150 years combined of experience and over 30 years of service to the Vancouver community, Burrard Physiotherapy is unveiling its new website for clients, making their services more accessible than ever.

A staff comprising of 12 expert physiotherapists, 1 physiotherapy assistant, 1 RMT, 1 rolfer, 1 Pilates instructor, 1 Yoga instructor, 1 kinesiologist, 3 acupuncturists, and 4 certified IMS practitioners, make up the Burrard Physiotherapy team and they are able to offer more services than you will find anywhere else.

Now, with a simple click of the mouse, you can find out about each individual service offered by Burrard Physiotherapy. Even going so far as to present specific pages for doctors, lawyers, insurers, and, of course, patients, Burrard Physiotherapy’s new website makes it easy to discover all the features available to every type of client.

Meet the staff members through the ‘Our Team’ page, or do further research on your unique situation on the ‘ Special Conditions’ page. With everything from information on dizziness and balance disorders to a how-to on ‘Gardening with Ease,’ the amount of information available at your fingertips is incredible. Burrard Physiotherapy has gone above and beyond in order to give its clients (both current and prospective) every possible resource to ensure recovery and healthy lifestyles.

Arguably the most important page is titled ‘Contact Us.’ If you are in need of a physiotherapy clinic in Vancouver, clicking on this page is the first step you’ll take on your road to true recovery. You can trust the capable staff at Burrard Physiotherapy with your rehabilitation needs. Dedicated to helping people reach their full potential, the Burrard Physiotherapy staff is ready and waiting.

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