Creative Biomart Releases New Products in the Middle of Oct.

Shirley, NY, October 19, 2013 --( In the middle of Oct., Creative Biomart releases a new batch a products, including:

Ÿ Recombinant Human MUSK, GST-tagged
Ÿ Recombinant Human TIRAP, His-tagged
Ÿ Native Mouse Hb
Ÿ Recombinant Human NCAM2, GST-tagged
Ÿ Recombinant Human NBPF15, His-tagged
Ÿ Recombinant Human NAV2, His-tagged
Ÿ And more see

Upon the release, the product list of Creative Biomart’s recombinant proteins expanse as well. According to Creative Biomart’s introduction, it already has over 28,000 recombinant proteins. Plus, with the new batch, it will research 30,000.

During the past decades, Creative Biomart has always been devoting to innovate product quality and production techniques and many achievements have been gained, for example, its BacTECTM and FoldEZTM technological platform to express tricky proteins, its GenePowerTM technology to create genetic variants for research purpose, its GenePowerTM Combinatorial Library Lipid-based Protein immobilization technology to immobilize native membrane proteins in the form of proteoliposomes, generated directly from cells or tissue and so many others.

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