Local Utah Women Go Through “Rape Free” Ground Escape Self Defense Course

Local women in Sandy, UT learn how to defend themselves from the ground at Personal Mastery Martial Arts and iLoveKickboxingSandy’s “Rape Free” Self Defense course.

Sandy, UT, October 23, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Last Wednesday, local Utah women went through a specialized women’s self defense course called “Rape Free.” This course is a one-of-a-kind class which was designed specifically for women and focuses on ground techniques that give women an opportunity to escape when they are in a compromising or forced position. The key to this course is the simplistic, but extremely effective, escape techniques that are easy to learn and retain, and can be adapted regardless of size or strength. These techniques work for everyone! The course was offered by Personal Mastery Martial Arts and iLoveKickboxingSandy – a family-oriented fitness facility in Sandy, Utah – and was taught by “Utah’s Leading Family Safety Expert” Brett Lechtenberg.

One Utah mother who took the course, Tristann Gordon, said, “I just took the rape prevention seminar. I learned a lot of techniques that I can practice. It was awesome! Thank you!”

The material covered in this course was designed to address a multitude of the average woman’s concerns about self defense, not the least of which is “What happens if I am on the ground?” The women who attended this course learned how to defend themselves from the ground and also learned how to escape from the 3 most common assault positions used during sexual attacks, how to forge a safety mindset by understanding and managing fears and emotions, and where the vast majority of rapes occurs and what to do to avoid them, among many other things.

Megan Hoffman, who attended the seminar, said, “I cannot tell you how much I learned! I learned a bunch of different things about how to fight from the ground, how to defend myself, and different techniques that are going to help me in the future. Thank you!”

Another participant, Lauren Mickelson, said, “I absolutely loved this class! I lived my life in fear for a couple years since I found a tracking device on my car. I always feel like every time I leave a building someone is watching me, but now I know how to prevent anything from ever happening.”

“Utah’s Leading Family Safety Expert” Brett Lechtenberg teaches family safety and self defense courses on a regular basis. The “Rape Free” women’s course is just one of the many self defense and safety courses that Personal Mastery Martial Arts and iLoveKickboxingSandy offer throughout the year. They also offer courses on Anti Home Invasion, Anti Bullying, Hand Gun Safety and Hand Gun Disarms, among many others. Their goal is to do their part in creating a safer community.

For more information about martial arts and self defense classes in Sandy check out the website: http://www.sandymartialarts.com

For more information about fitness kickboxing in Sandy check out the website: http://www.ilovekickboxingsandy.com
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