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Expansion Pack for Battle for Ruin Mist Roleplaying Game from Author Robert Stanek and Reagent Press

Reagent Press is publishing an expansion pack for the popular Battle for Ruin Mist Roleplaying Game created by Robert Stanek.

Seattle, WA, December 06, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Battle for Ruin Mist Core Roleplaying Game Rules, published by RP Books & Audio, allows readers to explore and roleplay in the fantasy world of the popular Ruin Mist books. As the author of the Ruin Mist books and the creator of Battle for Ruin Mist: The Roleplaying Game(tm), Robert Stanek developed this gaming system for gamers and readers.

In the expansion pack for the core roleplaying game, Robert Stanek provides expanded rules for the Visual RPG concepts he's developed over a lifetime as an active gamer and RPG fan including:

Player Battle System
Campaign Battle System
Active Cooperative Adventuring
Active Player-vs-Player Combat
Active Campaign Combat
Dynamic Magic System
d100 System
Percentile Gaming System

--All of which are trademarks or registered trademarks of Reagent Press.

The Battle for Ruin Mist Core Roleplaying Game uses Robert Stanek's innovative d100 system and active gaming rules, which have been a big hit with math and statistics fans who enjoyed the pure simplicity and power of the mathematics behind the rules. In the expansion pack, readers get extended rules and more options for roleplaying throughout the world of Ruin Mist. Not only can readers explore the kingdoms and the reaches, but they also can explore the realms of Over-Earth and Under-Earth.

Robert Stanek began working on the Ruin Mist books in 1986. At the time, he was in the military and stationed in Japan and from the start he knew he wanted to explore this fascinating universe visually. His Ruin Mist Chronicles include Keeper Martin's Tale, Kingdom Alliance, Fields of Honor, and Mark of the Dragon which was also released for young adults as The Kingdoms and the Elves of the Reaches #1 - #4 and In the Service of Dragons #1 - #4. Other books have expanded his fantasy world, including the recently published Rise of the Fallen, the first book in the Ruin Mist: Dawn of the Ages series and the A Daughter of Kings comic book series.

The name, Ruin Mist, comes from an old elvish adage about the ruin of time and the lost ages. Ruin Mist is the lost ages of men, elves, dwarves, and titans. Ruin Mist is also known as the world of the paths because of its three distinct realms of existence: Over-Earth, Under-Earth, and Middle-Earth. The realms of Ruin Mist are connected by the Gates of Uver--magical gates that allow the knowing to slip between the realms.

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About The Author

Robert Stanek is the author of over 150 books. His books have been bestsellers on Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com, Audible.com, and Apple iTunes. For more information, visit www.robertstanek.com and www.ruinmistmovie.com.

About The Publisher

RP Books & Audio was founded in 1994 as Virtual Press. Our products fall into four major categories: children's fiction, teen fiction, adult fiction and nonfiction. Our imprints include Reagent Press, Reagent Press Books for Young Readers, RP Audio, RP Audio Kids, and Classroom-To-Go. www.reagentpress.com.
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